The Triangle and its Properties

Do you know more and more triangular shapes are being used in construction? Although they are more difficult to construct than squares or rectangles, they offer more stability and strength. Let’s learn some such interesting concepts about triangles and the properties of triangle.

FAQs on The Triangle and its Properties

Question 1: What are the various properties that exist in triangles?

Answer: The various properties of triangles are as follows:

  • Sum of Angles always happens to be 180 degrees.
  • The exterior angles always equal 360 degrees.
  • The sum of the lengths of any two sides belonging shall be greater than the third side’s length.
  • The shortest side is always opposite to the interior angle that is the smallest. Similarly, the longest side is always opposite to the interior angle that is the largest.

Question 2: What are the various types of triangles?

Answer: The various types of triangles are: acute isosceles, obtuse isosceles, right isosceles, equilateral, right scalene, obtuse scalene, and acute scalene.

Question 3: What is meant by unique triangle?

Answer: Unique triangle is one whose determination takes place by two angles and any side condition. We can separate the condition into two separate conditions due to two different arrangements. These conditions are: the two angles and the side opposite a particular angle condition and the condition of two angles and included side.

Question 4: What is the sum of a triangle’s three sides?

 Answer: The sum of a triangle’s three sides is equal to 180 degrees.

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