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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 6 Free PDF Downlaod

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 6 – Combustion and Flame

Chemistry is a very interesting subject that deals with chemical compounds. It helps in knowing the chemical properties of any elements or thing. In this chapter Combustion and flame, we are going to discuss various things that are responsible for combustion and how combustion happens. These NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 6 has all the study material of the chapter and is according to the latest course of study of CBSE board who recommends NCERT books for study.

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CBSE Class 8 Science Chapter 6 – Combustion and Flame NCERT Solutions

In chemistry terms, Combustion refers to a process that combines a substance with oxygen to produce heat and light. While Flames refers to the process of burning a gas or anything that we can see.

Subtopics covered under NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 6

6.1 What is Combustion?

This topic describes the combustion that we have discussed earlier. And the things that combust is called fuel or combustible.

After them, there are various activities for you to try.

  • Ignition Temperature- Refers to the lowest temperature at which any substance catches fire.
  • Inflammable Substance- Those substances that catch fire easily.

6.2 How Do We Control Fire?

This topic discusses the various ways by which fire can be controlled. And how can we stop the spread of fire?

6.3 Types of Combustion

The topic describes the various types of combustion, which are discussed below:

  • Rapid Combustion- This refers to those combustions that happen quickly like lighting up an LPG stove.
  • Spontaneous Combustion- In this, the material suddenly catches fire without the involvement of flames like Phosphorus that burn in air at room temperature.
  • Explosion- This happens in those things which have chemical compounds in them which burst when coming into contact with air like in fireworks.

6.4 Flame

Flame refers to the light that is visible to naked eyes and is a result of combustion.

6.5 Structure of a Flame

This topic explains the different types of flames that vary in color due to the substance present in it.

6.6 What is Fuel?

Fuel refers to those elements that burn in moderate air, is cheap and is readily available. Also, there is nothing like ideal fuel.

6.7 Fuel Efficiency

It refers to the amount of fuel that a product consumed in its manufacturing or burning. And the fuel in three categories solid fuels, liquid fuels, and gaseous fuels.

  • Solid Fuels- Cow dung, coal, etc.
  • Liquid Fuels- Kerosene, petroleum, etc.
  • Gaseous Fuels- Natural gases like LPG and CNG.

Caloric Value- Refer to the amount of energy produced by using 1 kg of fuel. Its unit of measure is Kilojoule per kg (kJ/kg).

6.7.1 Burning of Fuels Leads to Harmful Products- This topic discusses the various harmful gases that combustion of fuel produced.

  • Wood, coal, petroleum, and coal release unburned carbon in the air. And their incomplete combustion produces carbon monoxide gas.
  • Global Warming- A phenomenon caused by a man by burning and damaging the environment.
  • Acid Rain- When particles of Sulphur and Nitrogen mix with rain then they cause acid rain.

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