Average Practice Questions

Questions on average are very common in the competitive exams. We have covered the basics related to the average in our previous articles. We have gone through each and every type of topic that can be asked under the average section in detail. Today we are going to discuss the average practice questions. In average practice questions, we will give you a variety of questions for practice and there will be answers at the end. It is important that you solve all types of questions.

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Average Practice Questions

Part 1: Finding The Missing Data

Directions: For the questions in this section, the data of one person is missing. You need to find that based on the total average of the data given to you.

1. The average weight of 3 person P, Q, R is 84 kg. Another person who is S joins the group and now the present average of the group becomes 80 kg. If another person T, whose weight is 3 kg more than that of S, replaces P then the average weight of Q, R, S, and T becomes 78 kg. Find the weight of P.

A. 70 kg        B. 72 kg           C. 79 kg           D. 78 kg

2. Three years ago, the average of A, B, and C was 27 years and that of B and C 5 years ago was 20 years. A’s present age is

A. 35 years             B. 30 years             C. 40 years             D. 48 years

3. The average age of a family of 6 members is 22 years. If the age of the youngest member be 7 years, what was the average age of the family at the birth of the youngest member?

A. 15           B. 12            C. 18             D. 21

4. The average of ten numbers is 7. If each number is multiplied by 12, then the average of the remaining numbers will be

A. 7           B. 84              C. 9              D. 87

5. Average marks obtained by Raju in 3 papers is 52 and in the fourth paper, he scored 60 marks. Find the new average of marks scored by Raju.

A. 55            B. 54              C. 52             D. 53.5

6. The average of 50 members is 38. If the two numbers, 45 and 55 are discarded the average of the remaining numbers will become

A. 36            B. 36.5              C. 37               D. 37.5

7. If we choose four numbers, the average of the first three will be 16 and that of last three is 15. If the last number is 18, the first number will be

A. 20              B. 21               C. 23                 D. 25

average practice questions


1. C. 79 kg

2.  C. 40 years

3. C. 18

4.  B. 84

5. B. 54

6. D. 37.5

7.  B. 21

What is Average?

Part 2: Questions Based on Expenditure

Directions: The average practice questions in this part are based on the expenditure and answer the question based on the data given.

1. The average expenditure of a family was Rs. 2750 for the first 3 months, then Rs. 3150 for the next 3 months and Rs. 6750 for the other three months. Find the average income of the family for the 9 months if the family saves Rs. 650 per month.

A. Rs. 4866.66          B. Rs. 4666.66          C. Rs. 5123.33                   D. Rs. 4216.66

2. The average earning of Rohan for the first three months of the calendar year 2006 is Rs. 1200. If his average earnings for the second and third month is Rs. 1300 then find his earning in the first month.

A. Rs. 1100            B. Rs. 900               C. Rs. 1200             D. Rs. 1000

3. Sanjay earns an average of 4200 euros for the first eleven months of the year. If he wants to maintain the monthly average for the year to be 5000 euros, then what is the amount he needs to earn in the last month to achieve the required average for the whole year?

A. 14,600             B. 12,800             C. 5,800             D. 13,800

4. In a hotel room are numbered from 201 to 230. Each room gives an earning of Rs. 3000 for the first fifteen days of the month and for the latter half, Rs. 2000 per room. Find the average earning per room per day over the month.

A. Rs. 2250              B. Rs. 2750             C. Rs. 2500              D. Rs. 2466.66

5. The average income of Suraj and Gopal is Rs. 3000 and that of Alay and Vinit is Rs. 500. What is the average income of all the four people?

A. Rs. 1750              B. Rs. 1000                  C. Rs. 1850              D. Rs. 2500

6. Samay’s average daily expenditure is Rs. 10 during May, Rs 14 during June and Rs. 15 during July. His approximate daily expenditure for the 3 months is

A. Rs. 13             B. Rs. 10               C. Rs. 12               D. Rs. 11

7. 30 apples and 75 oranges were purchased for Rs. 510. If the price per apple is Rs. 2 than the average price of the oranges was

A. Rs. 12            B. Rs. 14                C. Rs. 10                  D. Rs. 15


1. A. Rs. 4866.66

2.  D. Rs. 1000

3.  D. 13,800

4. C. Rs. 2500

5. A. Rs. 1750

6. A. Rs. 13

7. A. Rs. 12

Part 3: Miscellaneous Average Questions

Directions: In this section, questions from temperature to age to speed are covered. Answer the question based on the data given to you

1. The average temperature on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was 41° C and on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday it was 40° C. If on Thursday it was exactly 39° C, then on Monday, the temperature was

A. 42° C             B. 46° C          C. 23° C                 D. 26° C

2. A ship sails out into the sea at the rate of 15 km/hr and sails back at the rate of 20 km/hr. What will be the average rate of sailing?

A. 17.14 km             B. 16.85 km                C. 18 km              D. 17.85 km

3. The average temperature of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd November was 24.4° C. The average temperature for the first two days was 24° C. The temperature on the 3rd of November will be

A. 20° C             B. 25° C             C. 25.2° C               D. None of these

4. The average age of the 6 students is 11 years. If 2 more students of age 14 and 16 years join than their average will become

A. 12 years              B. 19 years              C. 21 years                  D. 13 years

5. The bus goes to Mumbai from Delhi at the rate of 60 km per hour. Another bus leaves from Mumbai to Delhi at the same time as the first bus at the rate of 70 km/hr. Find the average speed of the journeys of the two buses combined if it is known that the distance from Mumbai to Delhi is 420 kilometers.

A. 64.615 kmph              B. 64.5 kmph               C. 63.823 kmph                D. 64.82 kmph


1. A. 42° C

2. A. 17.14 km

3.  C. 25.2° C

4. A. 12 years

5. A. 64.615 kmph

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  1. Vikash kumar says:

    But i think in the second example, the distance between delhi to mumbai is given 1400 km then why did you used the distance 2960 to calculate the time.

  2. mariagraciamaldonado24@gmail.com says:

    why did they give the distance for the third journey 1400 km if we didn’t use it in the equation nor answer

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