Nature of Management and its Process

Skills of an Effective Manager

The success of any business or organization mainly depends on the people working at the firm. So the management of these people and the resources become a matter of huge importance. And this is where the skills and talents of an effective manager come in. Let us take a look at how important these are.

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Skills of an Effective Manager

A manager is one of the most important cogs in the machine that is a business. He is the one that provides direction and guides the employees and manages the functioning of departments as well. It helps the employees and the organization as a whole in achieving their goals.

effective manager

Any manager, to be effective in his job and duties must possess certain skills. Let us take a look at some such important skills and talents every effective manager must have.

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Organizational Skills

Also known as managerial skills, this is one of the most important skills of an effective manager. These skills will help the manager adequately and expertly allot resources to get the desired results.

If a manager lacks these skills then the company will not be successful in spite of adequate capital, efficient employees, and other such factors. The manager must be capable of organizing them to utilize them fully.

Technical Skills

A manager must himself have the technical skills the job requires. Technical skills involve the knowledge about processes, equipment, techniques etc. and also the ability to carry them out.

Technical skills are generally about certain specific task or job. For example, a pilot has the technical skill of flying a plane, a heart surgeon has the technical skills for operating etc. Other such skills are coding, drafting legal documents, civil engineering, financial accounting etc.

So a manager should possess the required technical skills in his field. For example a manager of the IT team must himself possess the necessary computer and coding skills, otherwise, he cannot be an effective manager.

Human Skills

Another important skill of an effective manager is his human skills. This will include his ability to work, motivate, communicate, direct and understand people.

This includes individuals as well as groups and teams working in an organization. So essentially the manager must be able to handle and successfully interact with his team members to get them to perform their best.

One way to gauge a person’s human skills is to understand how the person is perceived by his subordinates, co-workers and his juniors. An effective manager has good ‘people skills’ and so is able to manage his relations with all these people. He is also credited with the growth and development for all his team members.

Conceptual Skills

The conceptual skills of a manager involve understanding and visualizing the company as a whole. These means the manager is able to see and understand all the working parts of an organization and understand how these pieces fall together.

So conceptual skills allow the manager to solve the problems he is faced with more creatively and effectively. It helps him understand complex situations and relations and hence solve any problems that arise. It helps the manager have a competitive advantage over his counterparts.

Solved Example on Skills of an Effective Manager

Q: List a few other qualities or skills a manager must have.

Ans: Other than the four listed above, there are a few other skills that make a manager more efficient and effective. These are,

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