Nature of Management and its Process

Tasks and Responsibilities of Professional Managers

“A manager is not a person who can do the work better than his team, he is a person who can get his team to do the work better than he can.” A good manager can truly define the success of his employees and the company as a whole. Let us take a look at the roles and responsibilities of professional managers.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Professional Managers

Roles and Responsibilities of Professional Managers

A professional manager is an invaluable asset to the firm. His primary job is directing employees and coordinating various activities of the firm. For this, he needs exception communication, technical, conceptual and human skills. Let us take a look at the various tasks a manager performs using these skills.

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1. Envisioning Goals

The first and most important task of any manager is providing a direction to the organization. This entails mapping out their visions and missions.

This is one task the manager must not delegate, but perform himself. Defining the company’s objectives helps unify the employees and gets them working towards a common goal.

2. Managing Growth

One of the main roles and responsibilities of the manager is to manage the growth and ensure the survival of the firm. There are both internal and external factors that are a threat to this growth and survival of the firm.

Internal factors (such as choosing the right technology, hiring the correct people etc) are mostly in the firm’s control. External factors (government policy, economic conditions) pose a concern the manager must deal with.

3. Improving and Maintaining Efficiency

The manager has many roles and responsibilities regarding the efficiency of the firm. Firstly he must ensure that the firm is efficient, i.e. resources are not being wasted. And then this efficiency has to be effectively maintained.

4. Innovation

It is the task of the manager to be innovative in his job. He must find new and creative solutions to the problems faced by the firm. Innovation not only means having new ideas but also cultivating and implementing them. This is one of the on-going jobs of a professional manager.

5. Looking out for the competition

A manager has to plan and prepare for the competition in the market. He must never be caught unaware, he must prepare for new and/or increased competition.

6. Leadership

The quality of the leadership usually dictates the future of a firm. Hence the manager must also be a good leader. He should be able to inspire and motivate people to work towards the goals of the company.

A leader leads from the front, and the manager must also possess exceptional qualities and work ethic that his team members can learn from.

7. Change Management

In any company or organization, change is a given. The manager has to be the agent of change in such cases. It is his roles and responsibilities to ensure the process of change is smooth and uneventful for the company.

8. Choosing correct Information Technology

This is a problem that all managers of today’s era are facing. There are so many choices available in the market for various IT processes.

It is a challenge to use the best and most suitable technology for your organization. So this entails choosing the correct software, communication system, network system etc.

Solved Question for You

Q: The critical responsibilities of a manager are only towards the employees. True or False?

Ans: This statement is False. The roles and responsibilities of the manager are towards the employees, the customers, the shareholders, the suppliers, the retailer, the creditors, the government and even the society.

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