CBSE Class 7 Maths Revision Notes

CBSE Class 7 Maths Chapter 15 – Visualising Solid Shapes Class 7 notes

Visualising Solid Shapes Class 7 CBSE Revision Notes

In visualising solid shapes class 7 notes, the student will classify figures that have seen in terms of what is known as the dimension. Consequently, in our day to day life, we see several objects like books, balls, cones, etc. around us with different shapes. Similarly, one thing common in most of these objects is that they all have some length, breadth, and height. Therefore, they all occupy space and have three dimensions and as a result, are called three-dimensional shapes. Further, oblique sketches give a clear idea of how the cube looks like when seen from the front. Thus, the student will learn to draw the oblique sketches for other objects like cuboid also.

We can make use of isometric sheets to draw the images. Moreover, these sheets divide the paper into small equilateral triangles made up of dots or lines. Moreover, to draw sketches in which measurements also agree with those of the solid, the student can use these easily. In addition, measurements are of exact size in an isometric sketch but not so in the case of an oblique sketch. So, visualising solid shapes class 7 notes will come handy in learning the same.

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Subtopics Covered Under Visualizing Solid Shapes:

  • What are Solid Shapes?: We may see many objects in our surroundings which are in solid shapes. In this topic, students will understand the structure and appearances of these shapes.
  • 2D and 3D Figures: Students will learn to differentiate among 2D and 3D objects. Further, as we know that 2D shapes can be drawn easily on a plain paper because these have only length and Breadth.

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