In 2017, the readers of New York times were calculated to be more than 9 million! The paper’s writers interact with their readers through articles. Keeping this in mind, we can say that articles are an integral part of the written communication world. They can be hidden right under our eyes and we may not know it. Evidently, you’re reading an article.

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What is an Article?

As you might’ve guessed, an article addresses its readers. In other words, we write an article to interact with our readers. Hence it should be tailored accordingly for an audience. Generally, articles are published in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. Further, it should attract and retain the reader’s attention.

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Often confused with reports, articles are less formal. Although, they can be both formal or informal, again depending on the target audience. Also, an article mostly contains the opinions and thoughts of the writer, backed by facts and evidence. Lastly, an article can describe events, occurrences, persons, places, experiences, etc.


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The Format of Articles

There are many different formats for articles circulating around. Let’s have a look at the most general format of articles:

Topic of the Article

(By- XYZ)



Contents of Articles

Similar to most of the written literary forms, articles contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Again, we write an article for the target audience. Of course, if our article fails to appeal to the target audience, it would be of no use. Therefore, articles should have a title that grabs the eyeballs of their readers.

The introduction should talk more about the topic under concern in the article. If the introduction is lengthy and boring, the readers will bail out from reading and shift to another piece of writing.

The main body should contain 2 to 5 paragraphs, which further discuss the topic and explain the idea. Again, a lengthy and boring body would distract the reader’s attention and discourage them from further reading. Hence, articles should be tailored to suit the target audience’s taste. For example, if it is meant for 5th-grade students, then you should use simple terms. On the contrary, if it is meant for doctors, it should contain a language that makes your readers feel at home.

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A grand ending is as important as the article itself. Unlike an essay, where we conclude by summarizing all the ideas we’ve been discussing, articles follow a different approach. An article’s ending should be out of the box, something that leaves the readers thinking or calls for action. Ending with a question can be your best bet, right?

Solved Question for You

Q: Identify the best article heading for the following topic: UN has recognized the toy train of Darjeeling as a world heritage item.

  1. Darjeeling toy train new heritage item
  2. The UN recognizes toy train
  3. Heard this about the Darjeeling Toy Train?
  4. Darjeeling Toy Train

Ans: The correct option is C. It is a catchy title that draws the attention of the reader. It also uses correct punctuation and is the most appropriate among the options given.

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