Bribery Essay for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Bribery

As the world is evolving, we see how people are losing their morals too. Things like corruption and bribery have become so common that everyone turns a blind eye to it. Bribery refers to the exchanging of cash, materials or goods. This exchange is done to get some work done through illegal means or to fasten up the procedure. Although everyone opposes this concept, we all indulge in bribery of some kind.

Bribery Essay

Bribery is More Common Than You Think

If you set out in the world to find someone who hasn’t ever given or accepted a bribe, you are highly unlikely to succeed. Bribery is around us and is prevalent in all the little and big things.

For instance, if a person wants to admit their kid to a good school, they offer a bribe. If one doesn’t have the ticket for traveling on a train, they bribe the TT to get the ticket. Similarly, on a bigger level, people bribe the police to get rid of their crimes. The police accept the bribe out of greed and sometimes fear.

If we think about it, there is no area left untouched by bribery in our lives. Even the chocolate parents offer their child to get any work done is kind of a bribe only. Its source is from the house. Kids watch their parents offer a bribe to the traffic police or TT, they learn the same thing. Moreover, the never-ending chain of giving and accepting a bribe in the system makes it more common than you think.

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Eradication of Bribery

Bribery has a harmful impact on the growth of a country. It hinders the development of the economy and the country as a whole. We talk about equality amongst all and want equal opportunities for people but bribery stops this from happening.

When you bribe the school or college to give the seat to your child, a much deserving candidate loses out on that seat. That candidate loses out as they cannot afford the amount for bribing the officials. Thus, we need to eradicate this problem completely to help the country and people prosper.

However, it is a difficult task to complete as the Indian government heavily depends on bribery for their income. The citizens are equally responsible as they are the ones offering bribes in one form or the other. When the citizens themselves stop bribing the officials, the government will have no choice but to not indulge in this crime.

Furthermore, we must teach children from an early age about honesty. We must make them aware of the consequences of giving it accepting the bribe. Thus, slowly and steadily we can eliminate this practice if all of us come together.

All of us must collectively fight against this practice and begin practicing it from home. Next time you get caught by the traffic police, do not bribe the official, instead, pay the whole fine. Likewise, set an example for your children so they do the same.

FAQs on Bribery

Q.1 Is the practice of bribery common these days?

A.1 Bribery is a very common practice these days. Everyone indulges in it, at smaller or bigger levels. For instance, people bribe for getting a seat in schools or colleges. Similarly, they bribe the police to get rid of their crimes.

Q.2 How can we eradicate bribery?

A.2 We can take steps at an individual level to eradicate bribery. Always pay the fine for your crime instead of bribing the official. Similarly, teach honesty lessons to kids in schools so they grow up to be sincere and not practice bribery at any level.

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