Essay About Grandmothers

500 Words Essay On Grandmothers

Most of us have been blessed with grandmothers. But, some of us are lucky enough to have spent more time with them compared to others. Grandmothers are a blessing in disguise as they shower our love on us and guide us through the right path. Through essay about grandmothers, we will take a look at how strong they are.

essay about grandmothers

Angels in Disguise

Grandmothers are sweet little in disguise for all grandchildren. They go through all the pain and put in the effort to get all the work done for their grandchildren. Their hearts are made of gold as they treat all her grandchildren equally.

Even when we face restrictions, they are always there to support us. A lot of times, our parents give us the no signal but it is our grandmothers who try to turn that no into yes. This is their greatness and love for us.

Whether it is our father’s mother or mother’s mother, both grandmothers give equal love. It is because of them that we get to eat such delicious meals. Nothing can compare the taste of grandmother’s food.

Often, they do not tell us about their struggles but keep a happy face to make us happy. Even though our grandmothers have endured a lot, they never let that come to the surface. They always protect us no matter what.

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A Shining Example

My grandmother is a shining example of the person I wish to be. She is over five feet tall and very kind. Her sweet demeanour helps us win over anyone’s heart she comes across. As a child, I always used to hold her delicate and soft hands.

She has stories, a lot of them. She has been through different times, worlds and hardships, but still remains strong as ever. Even though she has grown up time apart from me, she always makes sure to keep up with me to not miss out on anything.

I simply love watching her savour her food and cherish it. She is often the first one to the dinner table but always the last one to leave. She makes sure no one eats alone so she sits till the very end. The patient lady that my grandmother is.

I enjoy spending my afternoons with her, sitting by the window and resting. She sips on tea slowly while I listen to the stories she tells me. All the fascinating stories about her childhood and her siblings.

My grandmother is a wonderful woman who has taught me compassion and sincerity. I owe all my gentleness and empathy to her. I hope she gets to live a long and healthy life full of love and warmth.

Conclusion of the Essay about Grandmothers

Thus, the great women to impact our lives don’t have to be celebrities. They are our grandmothers who with their personal stories and struggles create a legacy which fosters wonderfully passionate children. I see my grandmother and am reminded of myself, how she lives inside me and makes me stronger each day.

FAQ of Essay about Grandmothers

Question 1: Why grandmothers are so special?

Answer 1: Grandmothers are special because they love their grandchildren to the moon and back. Sometimes, they love them even more than they love their own children. She does everything to see her grandchildren happy. A grandmother’s love is strong, pure and unconditional.

Question 2: What are the responsibilities of grandmothers?

Answer 2: The role of grandmothers in family life is ever-changing. They don many hats, from mentor to historian, to a loving companion and to child-care provider. They are the ones who give their grandchildren a sense of security of belonging to the extended family.

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