My Father My Hero Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on My Father My Hero

My Father is not just an inspiration to me but every people around us. In addition, to being a good father he is also a good husband, an obedient son, and for everyone else, he is a humble and polite man.

Essay on My Father My Hero

Furthermore, he treats everyone equally and does not do any type of discrimination with anyone. He is famous in all our relatives and neighborhood and everyone talks highly about him as he helps everyone in need. Also, for advice also people seek him as he has a solution to every problem.

Ready to Help Others

As we have seen in the movies that the hero is very popular in his locality so do my father because he is ready to help everyone at any time. I remember a recent incident when one of his colleagues and friend fall ill and needed help then my father wholeheartedly supported him and his family. My father helped them in the most critical times when they needed help.

In addition, he also arranged for finances for them. As at that time they are not financially stable and his colleagues are the only earning member of the family. Also, he spends an hour in the hospital to complete the formalities and arranging the medicine.

Besides, my father many of his other colleagues also contributed money and other means to help the family of ill. After the complete recovery of the colleague he and his family visited our home and especially thanked my father for his efforts and help. After that incident whenever I think of that incident I feel proud of him. I learned this willingness to help others from him.

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Striking Balance in Life

My father has other qualities too he also hard working and punctual and dedicated to his work and often work late hours. But for this, he never compromises his time with family. Besides, in the office and among our relatives everyone appreciates him for his hard work. 

Also, during his college and school day is was among the top performer and won many awards. In his office often announced as the employee of the month. Besides, there were times when I have seen him working late at hours even on holidays. He knows how to maintain his professional and personal life and that’s the thing I love most about him.

Many of my friend’s complaint that their father does not look after them because of their work. Also, they even said that they hate their father because he often comes late and doesn’t love them. Besides, I am lucky that my father is different from them as he gives importance to his family first and after that work.

In addition, he makes sure to come at a time and give time to us (his family). He is a caring husband and helps our mother in small household work to share her workload.

To conclude, my father is a responsible man who clearly knows that between work and family; family comes first. Also, he is always ready to help others no matter what he is doing. Besides, he completely dedicated to his work but does not ignore us in the event. Above all, we stay put to him as we have learned all our good deeds from him.

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