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500+ Words Essay on Postman

When we say the word postman, an image of a male comes to our mind wearing the khaki uniform who rides a bicycle. However, has anyone ever thought about how important he is for us. Almost everyone is familiar with who a postman is and what he does. He works for the public and is assigned at the post office.

Essay on Postman

A postman has to basically deliver important documents from one place to another. He is a carrier of letters, money orders, greeting cards, parcels and many more. He goes from door to door and street to street to make this happen. A postman is a well-known person. He is a public servant. He works in the post office. He delivers letters, money orders, parcels, greeting cards, etc. from door to door and street to street. His services are very important as they help in the smooth distribution of important documents.

Importance of a Postman

A postman is extremely important for a society. He is a carrier of very important information for both professional and personal reasons. This public servant operates all over the country. If it’s a village or a metro city, you will definitely find a postman there.

The postman always wears a uniform that makes him stand apart from the crowd. In India, he wears a uniform of khaki fabric and colour. A postman’s most prized possession is his bag which he carries the letters in. It contains all types of things from good news to bad news. They generally travel on a cycle while some also go on foot. A postman always has to get up early to start delivering the letters.

It is his duty to sort out the letters and posts so that it can get easy to deliver them in specific areas. He also stamps all the letters to verify them. A postman helps people keep assured that their important information is in the right hands. Furthermore, he is a very trusted person who works day and night to deliver people letters. However, this job is quite challenging and is not appreciated enough.

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Difficulties Faced by a Postman

Postman’s life is very difficult. He has to work continuously all day and search for the exact addresses in localities. He even works at night to deliver important telegrams for people. It does not matter if it’s raining or scorching hot, the postman will always be on duty.

Moreover, a postman also has to cover challenging terrains as well as uneven roads to reach the destination. In the rural areas, the postman goes through dangerous areas like forests and more where there are snakes and all. Postmen are mostly a hard-working lot who earn every penny they get. They are honest with their work and make people’s lives easier.

Despite this, a postman doesn’t get paid sufficiently. The tasks he performs does not do justice to the pain and hardships he has to go through. Moreover, he gets also limited holiday and works on days while the world rests.

Furthermore, at this post, there are little or no chances of promotion. The meager salary makes it hard for a postman to fulfill all the needs of his family. Thus, we should be sympathetic to them. In addition, the government must pay them right so they can have a better quality of life.

FAQ on Postman

Q.1 State the importance of a postman.

A.1 A postman is very important. He delivers important documents from lives place to another and makes our lives easier.

Q.2 What difficulties do a postman have to face?

A.2 A postman always works in all types of weather no matter how harsh. He gets a meager salary and limited holidays.

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