Essay on a Picnic with Family for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on A Picnic with Family

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” –George Bernard Shaw.

We, human beings are social animals. This means that we cannot live in isolation, instead, we need to live in groups for our survival. This group can be termed as a society, but the nucleus of the society is family. When some individuals’ who belong to a similar gene pool and share a certain common set of hormones, live together, they are termed as family. The benefits of living with the family are numerous, it provides us support, strength, happiness, courage, feeling of oneness. Let us go through a beautiful real-life experience of rejoicing picnic with the family.

essay on a picnic with family

Picnic with Family

Last summer our family went to a memorable picnic at a nearby water park. The day when we spoke for the first time about going to a picnic, the adrenaline rush has been started flowing within us. The flow of happiness amongst the family was at its peak while preparing for the picnic. Everybody was excited about this outdoor adventure. Finally, the day had arrived. We all left our home and soon were on our way to the picnic.  The car was full of chatters. Every family member was so excited about the picnic with the family. All of us were in a totally different form.

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Picnic Spot

Finally, we reached our destination. The moment we reached the ticket window, the kids in the family started jumping with excitement. While we were purchasing the tickets, the kids started getting restless to wait. Then we entered for our awaiting adventure for the picnic with the family. As soon as we entered, the beauty of the place welcomed us with a cool breeze on our faces.

We put on the costumes and entered the pool. The coldness of the water was soothing one. Each splash brought a smile on everyone’s face. Everybody went back to their childhood. The youngest one in the picnic with family was 3.5-year-old, who had entered the pool for the first time. He was the happiest amongst all. After spending a considerate amount of time playing with water, we had to struggle a lot to take kids out from the pool.  What a memorable time it was during a picnic with the family.

Then we started heading towards the food zone. The fun in the pool has led to an empty stomach which was making a lot of funny noise. And the aroma of the delicious food which was coming from the food zone had aced our pace towards it.

The kids in the family started making a list of all the things that they wanted to eat. We ordered everyone’s favorite dish and sat waiting for the food to come. This waiting time was the most torturous one. And finally, our hot and tasty food came. We literally attacked it like the hungry animals. The next 30 minutes was complete silence. Everybody in the picnic with family was busy enjoying their own favorite delicacy. We finished eating and left for home.


Though the picnic with family was over, still it is alive in over memories. All the good time we spent together, a lot of beautiful pictures, will always be with us in our memories. We will soon plan our next picnic with family to rejoice our love, bonding, and happiness together.

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