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500+ Words Essay on Forest

Forests are an intricate ecosystem on earth which contains trees, shrubs, grasses and more. The constituents of forests which are trees and plants form a major part of the forests. Furthermore, they create a healthy environment so that various species of animals can breed and live there happily. Therefore, we see how forests are a habitat for a plethora of wild animals and birds. In addition to being of use to wildlife, forests benefit mankind greatly and hold immense significance.

Importance of Forests

Forests cover a significant area of the earth. They are a great natural asset to any region and hold immense value. For instance, forests fulfill all our needs of timber, fuel, fodder, bamboos and more. They also give us a variety of products that hold great commercial as well as industrial value.

Forest Essay

In addition, forests give us a large number of raw materials for various products like paper, rayon, gums, medicinal drugs and more. Other than that, forests are also a major source of employment for a significant population. For example, people are involved in their protection, harvesting, regeneration, raw material processing and more.

Moreover, forests are largely responsible for preserving the physical features of our planet. They monitor soil erosion and prevent it from happening. Further, they alleviate floods by making the streams flow continually. This, in turn, helps our agriculture to a great extent.

Most importantly, forests are a habitat for wildlife. They provide them with shelter and food. Thus, it is quite important to protect forests and furthermore enhance the forest cover for a greener and sustainable future.

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Improving Forest Cover

When we talk about forest cover, we do not merely refer to planting new trees but also improving the degraded forest land. To meet the fulfilments of the demand for timber and non-timber forests, we need to have a comprehensive approach to enhance the forest cover.

Forests are being wiped out and trees are being cut down at a rapid rate. To meet the other needs of humans, we are losing sight of the bigger picture. People need to take steps to improve the forest cover rather than decrease it. The government must regulate the cutting down of trees. We must adopt roper methods which ensure the regrowth of trees. This way, we will be able to fulfill both the needs.

Furthermore, we must control forest fires. We must adopt the latest techniques which will help in fire fighting more efficiently. This will prevent further loss of trees and animals. Most importantly, afforestation plus reforestation must be practiced. The people and government must plant new trees in place of the one cut down. Moreover, they must plant trees in new areas to develop a forest.

In short, forests are a great blessing of nature. Various types of forests are home to a thousand animals and also means of livelihood for numerous people. We must recognize the importance of forests and take proper measures to tackle the issue of deforestation.

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