Role of Science in Making India for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Role of Science in Making India

In the last few years, science has helped a lot in the development of India. Science has contributed to all the sectors. Science has improved the global economy, increased employment opportunities, saved millions of lives and has played a major role in a lot of industries. Science is very important for the growth and development of India. It even plays a key role in our daily lives. Every country should invest as much as possible in research and development for scientific technologies. In this essay on the role of science in making India we will see how science has helped India to grow in different sectors.

Essay on Role of Science in Making India

How Indian Scientists have Helped India Grow?

When it comes to Indian Scientists, the first name comes to my mind is CV Raman. CV Raman was the first Asian who won the Nobel Prize. His work was related to light and sound. He investigated that when light passes through a transparent material, some of the deflected light waves see the change in its amplitude and wavelength.

APJ Abdul Kalam is the second name that comes in my mind in Indian Scientists. APJ Abdul Kalam worked as an Aerospace engineer with ISRO and DRDO. He was also president of India from 2002 to 2007. Abdul Kalam contributed a lot to Aerospace. One of the contributions is deploying Rohini Satellite near Earth’s orbit. A few more names are Homi Bhabha, Visvesvaraya, V Radhakrishnan, Satyendra Nath Bose and many more… 

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How has Science Increased Employment Opportunities?

Whenever any new technology is discovered it leads to new industries. For example, if any new scientific device is invented it will require eligible professionals to control the device. Such inventions help in increasing employment opportunities. This also helps in growth in many businesses which in turn develops the Indian economy.

Curing Diseases and Saving Lives

In the last few years, medical science has evolved so much and saved billions of lives. New technologies like wireless brain sensors, artificial organs, smart inhalers, robotic surgery, virtual reality are making work easier for thousands of doctors around the world. And also these technologies are saving millions of lives and curing diseases. 

Role in Agriculture Sector

Science has played a very major role in the Agriculture sector. Food is one of the basic needs of our lives. And science has now invented so many new agriculture techniques which have increased production drastically. The old mundane techniques farmers used to follow was very slow, expensive, and required too much effort.

Science has made everything a lot easier for farmers. Improved facilities in irrigation, modern fertilizers, advanced equipment, and pesticides are all helping farmers to work faster, and save more money. 


Science has helped us a lot in many ways and it will keep helping. Everyone should not only invest as much as possible in science and technology but also should stay aware of all new technologies developed around the world. 

FAQs on Science

Q.1 Why is Science important in daily lives?

A – Science plays an important role in our daily lives, for example, what medicines are you taking, the food you eat, the equipment you use for cooking, clothes you are wearing and much more.

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