Sound Pollution Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Sound Pollution

Sound pollution also known as Noise Pollution is one of the most rampant pollutions we find in the world. Especially in India, the nuisance of sound pollution is steadily on the rise, especially in urban cities and areas. Some statistics say that noise pollution in New Delhi is now having medical effects on the inhabitants of the city. But what exactly constitutes sound pollution? Let us read more in this sound pollution essay.

Sound or rather noise pollution is a physical form of pollution. Sound pollution does not affect any element of our environment directly. So it does not have a direct effect on the land, air, soil or any other such life-supporting elements. It actually affects the human population more directly. Essentially the excess of sound or noise, such that it causes disturbance and imbalances the day-to-day life of humans and animals is known as noise pollution.

sound pollution

Sources of Sound Pollution

While sound pollution is not fatal or lethal in any form to humans, it is still a very harmful form of pollution. In this sound pollution essay, it is essential that we look at some of the major sources of sound pollution and how they contribute to the ever-rising degradation of our habitats.

All the sources of noise pollution are man-made in nature. One of the most common and harmful sources is the noise caused due to various transportation systems and motor vehicles in particular. Increasing traffic congestions, the sheer number of vehicles on the roads, the noise from unnecessary honking, etc are all major contributing factors to sound pollution, especially in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

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The other major source of noise pollution is industrial activities. Since the Industrial Revolution, the world has never slowed down manufacturing and other industrial activities. This has taken a toll on our environment in the form of land and air pollution. And now we can add noise pollution to the list. Factories, printing presses, mills, metal works, etc. are all contributing to the noise pollution of the area. Hence it is ideal to keep industrial areas and residential areas separate, but this is not always possible.

There are quite literally thousands of other sources such as loudspeakers, roadworks, crackers, household noises, agricultural activities, that all are also harmful and cause some degree of noise pollution.

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Effects of Noise Pollution

As we saw earlier in this sound pollution essay, the effects of sound pollution are directly on humans and not on the environment as such. While these effects are not instantaneous there are some very serious effects of noise pollution that cannot be taken lightly. The effects of noise pollution are both physical and psychological or behavioral in nature.

One of the obvious physical effects is the effect sound pollution can have on the hearing of a person. Hearing loss or some form of hearing impairment due to excessive noise is becoming increasingly common. And this is not only restricted to senior citizens, but even the younger generation is also being affected in this manner. Another common effect is the lack of sleep due to noise pollution. This, in turn, causes various other symptoms such as irritability, hypertension, ulcers and even cardiovascular diseases.

Persistent insomnia can cause humans to have certain negative psychological effects which we can also trace back to sound pollution. Fatigue, mental strain, stress and even depression in some capacity can be the effects of sound pollution.

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