Role of Communication in Control

Communication is omnipresent in all aspects and functions of management. Simply said, without effective communication, an organization simply cannot function. Be it decision-making, planning, coordination or any other function of management communication is a very significant part of them all. The same is also true for the function of controlling. Let us take a look at the importance of communication in control.

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Role and Importance of Communication in Organisation

importance of Communication in Control

One of the most important functions of management is control. In fact, it is a function that all managers of all levels of the organization perform.

Unlike planning or decision-making, it is not restricted only to upper management. It is the able counter-part of the planning a function, and hand in hand these functions help run a company smoothly and successfully.

Importance of Communication in Process of Control

In this process of control, communication is the lubrication that keeps the whole system running smoothly. The role of communication in control is quite important for this reason. Essential and effective information exchange at several points in the process is what keeps the control process running.

  • Information about the plans and objectives of the firm are communicated to the managers setting the standards in the control process
  • These standards are then communicated to the managers who have to oversee the actual functioning of the activities
  • Once the actual performance happens, information is gathered, tabulated and communicated to these managers for review and evaluation
  • If the performance meets the standards et, this information is communicated upwards to the higher managers. Such information is also fed into the operating systems as a satisfactory or good result.
  • If there are adverse deviations from standards then that information is also fed into the operating system. This is so the mistakes are not repeated and corrective actions can be taken

Learn more about Process and Types of Communication here in detail.

Feedback of Information

From the above information, we are clear about the importance and role of communication in control. One essential aspect of the role of communication in control is the feedback of information.

This includes the communication of the results of activities, their positive or negative impacts, the continuanceĀ of certain activities as it is etc.

Feedback is important to the employees, so that they can know about their performances and whether they are meeting the requirements of the firm.

There are two kinds of feedback loops, namely

  1. Closed Feedback Loop: In this system, there is a self-adjusting mechanism built into the system. So no outside action or influence is necessary in case there are deviations from the standards. The system is so arranged that the deviations will self-correct.
  2. Open Feedback Loop: This system leaves room for flexibility and correction. In case of deviations, there is enough room for outside sources to perform corrective actions. So we can adapt the system according to the changes in the environment.

Solved Question for You

Q: What is cybernetic control?

Ans: Cybernetic control is a system of closed loop feedback. Cybernetics is a new development in control. It is the science of control and communication in a living organism that is self-corrective and self-regulative. With respect to an organization, cybernetic control is when the internal system of an activity or function is self-regulating to a predetermined requirement or standard.

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