How do you think the scientists measured the height of Mount Everest? Do you think they went about it with a tape measure? Well of course not. They probably used many fascinating concepts in Geometry. Let’s learn here some of these interesting concepts about Triangles…

FAQ on Triangles

Question 1: What are the properties of triangles?

Answer: As you already know that triangles are three-sided closed figures, thus, depending on their measurement of sides and angles, there are three types of triangles having different properties. Equilateral triangles have all the sides and angles having equal measurement. We also refer to it as an acute triangle because all the sides are 60° in measurement. Further, we have an isosceles triangle which has two sides equal and two equal angles. Finally, there is a scalene triangle having no sides and angles that are equal to each other.

Question 2: List the triangles on the basis of their angles.

Answer: On the basis of their angles, we divide the triangles into an acute triangle, obtuse triangle and right-angled triangle. Acute triangles are ones where all sides are acute-angle to each other. An equilateral triangle is an example of this type. Further, there is an obtuse triangle having one obtuse-angled side. Examples of this kind are isosceles and scalene triangles. Finally, there is a right-angle triangle with one angle equal to 90°.

Question 3: What are congruent triangles?

Answer 3: Congruent Triangles means basically when two triangles are congruent they will be having exactly the same three sides as well as exactly the same three angles. Further, you may not find the equal sides and angles in the same position in case of a turn or a flip, but they are very much present.

Question 4: What is Basic Proportionality Theorem?

Answer: Basic Proportionality Theorem which we also abbreviate as BPT says that, if a line is parallel to a side of a triangle that is intersecting the other sides into two different points, after that, the line divides these sides in proportion.

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