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How to write a Python ‘Hello world’ program

Printing Hello World in any programming language is the utmost basic program anyone learns as a beginner. Python Hello world program uses the print function to print hello world. That will be visible on the output screen. The basic way to produce an output in python programming is by using the print() function, where you can pass none or more expressions separated by commas. This function converts the expressions you enter into a string before writing to the screen.

python hello world

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Questions on Python hello world

How do you write hello world python?

The easiest way to display anything on the output screen in the python programming screen is by using the print() function. To print hello world, we can design a python hello world program that will print “Hello world” to the output screen using the print() function.

Source code


# Python 'Hello world' program

print("Hello world")



What is Hello world in Python? 

Printing hello world in any programming language is the simplest line of code. It is a basic line of code that is probably the first program any beginner executes. It is used to illustrate the syntax of the programming language.

Hello world in python is a line of code that prints the words ” Hello world ” on the output screen.


print(” Anything you want to print “)

Source code


print("Hello world, today is Monday")



Hello world, today is Monday

How do you say hello name in python?

To say hello name in python we can use the print function with a string variable containing the name that name of a person is read as a series of characters which is called as a string in python.

We can define a string variable ‘name’ that will hold the name of the person and then print it with “hello” by using the print function.

We can also ask the user to input their name and store it in the ‘name’ variable.

Source code


# Hello name program in python

name = "Toppr"

# uncomment next line to take name input from user
#name =input("Enter your name : ")
print("Hello " + name)


How do you greet someone in python?

Among various applications of python programming, we can also write a simple program to greet someone.

Python is an easy-to-use language and allows us to define our functions. Functions in python are defined to can carry out a particular task for us just by calling the function.

Let us see how we can define a function in python to greet someone.

To define a function in python we have to use the def keyword.

Source code


# greeting someone using python
#defining a function named greet

def greet(name):
  print("Hello "+name+" ,greetings from toppr!")

#uncomment the next line to take input from user
#name=input("Enter your name : ")
#Calling the greet function and passing name as parameter



Hello Sanjana, greetings from toppr!

Python is an open source programming language which is free to download around the globe. It also has a vast and growing environment with a diversity of pre-loaded packages and libraries.

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