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Python oct()

The Python oct() function in Python is a built-in function. This function takes an integer as its argument and returns its equivalent string format. 

The syntax of the oct() is:


oct() Parameters

The oct python function takes one argument x as the input. 

x- this argument is an integer. The integer can either be in the decimal, hexadecimal, or binary format. 

Python oct()

Source Code



If the argument provided by the user is something other than the integer data type, then a TypeError exception is raised. 

Return value from oct()

The oct() is used to return the octal representation of the argument that is provided. 

Example 1: How oct() works in Python?


# decimal to octal conversion

print('oct(10) is:', oct(10))

# binary to octal conversion

print('oct(0b101) is:', oct(0b101))

# hexadecimal number to octal conversion

print('oct(0XA) is:', oct(0XA))


oct(10) is: 0o12

oct(0b101) is: 0o5

oct(0XA) is: 0o12

Example 2: oct() for custom objects


class Lady:

    age = 23

    def __index__(self):

        return self.age

    def __int__(self):

        return self.age

lady = Lady()

print('The oct is:', oct(lady))


The oct is: 0o27

Here are some more examples to demonstrate the use of the oct() in python.

Source Code:


#This program demonstrates the use of the oct() in python

print("23 is represented in octal form as " + oct(23))


print("This is an octal representation of 'z' in ACSII " + oct(ord('z')))


# A number's binary form can be given as a parameter.


# 23 in Binary format is 0b10111

print("The binary number 23's octal representation is " + oct(0b10111))


# For 23, Hexadecimal is 0x17

print("The hexadecimal number 23's octal representation is " + oct(0x17))

Output :

23 is represented in octal form as 0o27

This is an octal representation of 'z' in ACSII' is 0o172

The binary number 23's octal representation is 0o27

The hexadecimal number 23's octal representation is 0o27

Code #2 : Demonstrate TypeError program in Python

The program given below generates a TypeError because we provide a floating-point number as the input. 

Source code:


print("29.5's octal representation is " + oct(29.5))

  Output :

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/home/", line 3, in 

    print("29.5's octal representation is"+oct(29.5))

TypeError: 'float' object cannot be interpreted as an integer

How to convert integers of other formats into octal?



print("i. Print Hexadecimal to Octal representation")

print("ii. Print Decimal to Octal representation")

print("iii. Print Binary to Octal representation")

  # The octal representation is generated by this function from its binary form

def bin_to_oct1():


    print("Enter an integer in the binary format:-")


    # receiving user input as a binary string and then converting it to the appropriate decimal format using int()

    a = int(input(), 2)

    print("Octal form of " + str(a) + " is " + oct(a) )


# The octal representation of the hexadecimal form passed as value is generated by this function.

def hex_to_oct1():

    print("Enter an integer in the hexadecimal format:-")


    # accepting user input as a 

# hexadecimal string and then 

# converting it to the appropriate 

# decimal format with int()

    a = int(input(), 16)

    print("Octal form of " + str(a) + " is " + oct(a))



# The function transforms a decimal value to its octal equivalent.

def decimal_to_oct1():


    print("Enter base-10 format no:-")


    #converting user input to an integer from a simple user input

    a = int(input())

    print("Octal form of " + str(a) + " is " + oct(a))



# Driver Code

ch = input("Enter an option :-\n")


if ch is 'a':


elif ch is 'b':


elif ch is 'c':


Output :

Print Hexadecimal to Octal representation
Print Decimal to Octal representation
iii. Print Binary to Octal representation

Enter an option:-


Enter an integer in the hexadecimal format:-


Octal form of 19 in 0o23

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