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Goodwill Letters

Many companies try and make their position firm in the market using various means. One of the ways to do this is through goodwill. That is why corporates write goodwill letters as a corporate courtesy. This makes their presence in the market. They are not compulsory.

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Goodwill Letters

Goodwill letters are purely genuine and they are not a compulsion for every company to follow. It is done to express your sincere affections at a time when a goodwill can be created. The goodwill that is earned or created is in no way in terms of money. There might be monetary gains in the future but that depends on many different scenarios.

Thus, a financial gain may be translated to a company in the long run because goodwill letters are written to humans. The humans over a period of time become a backbone for business for all the companies. Thus, while writing you need to maintain a set of rules and follow them.


One of the essential quality of a goodwill letter is that it needs to be brief. One’s personal feelings and emotions should be avoided while writing a goodwill letter. Thus, an appropriate tone and style need to be maintained while writing the Goodwill letters.

Stereotyping should be strictly avoided and the letters need to be formal. This formality depends on the status of the recipient. If you know the person then you can use informal language as well talk to them as a first or second person.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that for Goodwill letters to be effective and relevant, it needs to be sent promptly. This will not wear off the emotions as it is seen that in the long run, they tend to wear off.

If possible, the letters need to be handwritten. If not, then the letter which is printed needs to have a signature which should be done by hand. The reason for this is that the person receiving will feel respectful.

 Types of Goodwill letters

  • Thank you letters
  • Congratulatory letters
  • Condolences letter
  • Sympathy letters

Thank you letters

There are many incidents occurring in our life when we ask for favors. Be it personal or professional, we do require the help of others. And when then this help is given by the others we thank the person.

This is a great opportunity for you to mention the gratefulness of the person and thereby earning some precious goodwill. Many such instances happen in our day to day life and we forgot to mention them.

Like when you order a larger quantity and you get a timely delivery or an on-time payment of any orders. This instance should not be taken for granted and proper importance should be given to them.

Thus, in professional terms, you show your gratefulness by writing a letter to the concerned authority. In this way you show the person respect and how much do you value them!

Sympathy letters

Many times in life you face a situation where you are there to share the happy moments. But this is not the case every time. Life is a mixture of sad as well as happy moments. Thus, it becomes to only share the happy moments, but also to be there for the person during the time of sadness.

You have to be there share the pain of your friends as well as your associates. When you know someone who has suffered a loss or agony, than just mere words of kindness are enough for that person. Your words of sympathy might give that person some solace.

You are doing your part by being there and this means so much to that person. But, there is always a word of caution in such type of situations. These type of letters are only written when someone is suffering from a major loss or illness.

So, keep in mind to mention the help in whichever way possible. It can be your presence or it might be the financial help. This kind of gestures has a long-lasting effect on the person and only increases your goodwill. But failing to fulfill the promise might result in a loss of goodwill which cannot be regained again.

Congratulatory letters

These letters as the name suggests are written, when someone has achieved something and you want to congratulate them. In an organization, this can be a very common occurrence when your friend or a colleague receives an honor, recognition, or an award.

These achievements can be professional or personal. And thus it is important for you to acknowledge them. You can choose to be jealous and ignore them, but congratulating them on such instances can help you gain a goodwill.

Condolence letters

Perhaps the most difficult kind of letters which you have to write for any occasion. It is best advisable to meet the person face to face in such situations. But if it is not possible then you to acknowledge the situation by writing them a letter. These letters are difficult because you writing to someone who has just lost their dear ones.

Thus, a strong sense of grief needs to convey through the message. The sentiments need to be sincere and avoid referencing the lost person or mention the details of that person. This will only make things worse.

Question For You

Q. The business letters are said to be concise when they avoid ________ words.

A. Ambiguous                B. Harsh                   C. Necessary                       D. Needless

Answer: D. Needless

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