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Human Resource Correspondence

The letters are still the necessary tools in an organization. It remains as an unprecedented throne in the written communication. One of the forms of correspondence that particularly requires the practice of letter writing is human resource correspondence. The hr department of any organization helps in stabilizing the organization and finding new talents and tools for its growth.

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The technological advancements have by and large change the structure of the organizations. Many organizations are now shifting towards more and more use of technology. But certain practices still remains the same. One of the examples to this is the business correspondence.

This still remains as one of the favorites for every organization. The reason for this is the dependence on correspondence for failure and success in the organization.

Introduction to HR Correspondence


                 Human Resource Correspondence

For every organization, recruitment is a very important asset. And that is where the hr department comes into the picture. The personnel department for every firm deal with all the matters related to staffing as well as the day to day process of recruitment.

In the beginning, this department was not given much preference and as a result, was discharged of its duties. But then it got a new name in the form of the personnel department.

Then people at the highest level in the firms realized that it is the people in an organization changes the fortune of the organization and not just the machines. So, it got renamed again to the hr department i.e. Human resource department.

In the hr correspondence, there are many different types of letter that you have to deal with every day. Either you write these letters or you analyze them. That is why it is important to understand the areas which are important in these letters.

Job Application

Whenever you are in search for a job, the first thing you do is a search for various jobs and apply in them. So, job application and resume writing become the most important form of written communication. Both of them are in written forms and thus it becomes important to be more attentive towards them.

A job application is as similar to a sales ad or a circular you find in your day to day life. Through job application, you are offering your certain expertise and skills in return for a price.

Thus, every position you apply for demands a careful drafting of the application. The difference between the job application and a resume is that resume generally covers the factual information of a person or an applicant.

There are various ways through which you can apply for a job. Many organizations inform about the vacant position through an ad or maintain their own database. Some rely on different placement agencies to find them the applicants whenever required. The other alternative is the websites where many can submit their CV and resume and wait for a call.

The other likely source without writing a letter or a job application is through campus recruitment or company’s employment office. Thus, it becomes a prospective letter to the organization when you send in your resume or job application. It is almost similar to a sales letter.

Here also you are selling but the difference is you are selling yourself. You are selling yourself in the form of skills, qualifications, and expertise. Also, you are selling your weaknesses and strengths and thereby your ability to perform in the organization.


As mentioned above, a resume is factual details of one’s profile. This profile includes personal as well as professional details. It should be enclosed with the application that you are submitting either to an agency or the company.

There are many terms that you can use beside resume like bio-data or CV (curriculum vitae). You can also take a professional help for writing these letter and application.

Ideally, a good resume should not be too long, a one-page resume is considered sufficient to apply for a job. Personal details like gender, age, sex, are optional, so it is up to you to mention it.

It is necessary that you print or write your resume in a good quality paper. The display of lines and space should also be understood and taken care of.

Here are the details that a resume usually consists of:

Education/academics Personal details Any extra qualifications Experience (chronological order) Additional information related to the job or languages known References. Follow the appropriate format of a resume. These formats can be usually found on the internet or in books.

Question for You

Q.Mention the things that your resume should have.


  1. The job objectives should be specific.
  2. You need to mention your career goals and how the job relates to it.
  3. Revealing the sufficient knowledge about the company that you are approaching.
  4. Making them know how the education and experience you have is relevant to the vacant position.
  5. You should also express your writing skills through this application.
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