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Sales Correspondence

You have seen salesmen showing products launched by their company. They may also show you the new offers by the company. Sometimes you receive some emails or letters regarding some offers and discounts from some companies. You can easily notice all these during festive seasons. These types of letters or notices come under the category of sales correspondence. A letter from an organization to a supplier regarding the demand of the supply is an example of a sales letter. In this section, we are going to learn more about sales letters.

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Sales Correspondence

Sales Correspondence is a written communication between two parties with the motive of sales. A sales letter is a form of sale correspondence. It is a letter that tries to sell a product. Sales letters are an effective way to communicate with clients.

It may target a specific group to grab their attention. It is like a salesman discussing the purpose but in the form of a letter. A sales letter can be general or particular in nature.

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Objectives and Advantages of Sales Letter

Objectives of Sales Letter

  • A sales letter aims at reaching the reader to purchase the product.
  • Introduction and marketing of new products and services.
  • To reach potential customers.
  • Expansion of the market.

Advantages of Sales Letter

  • A sales letter is less expensive.
  • Reach a client where a salesman cannot.
  • Reach a number of clients all at the same time.
  • Ease of understanding and availability of full details.
  • More convenient, efficient, and comprehensive.

Elements and Format of Sales Letter

Elements of Sales Letter

Headline: Here the writer wants to grab the reader’s attention toward the main purpose of the letter.

Introduction: It is the introductory paragraph. Introduction in the sales letter provides the details of the product or the service. It also provides the reader with the cost, quality, saving and other related information.

Body: Here the writer builds his credibility. The writers provide with the worth of the product, its difference from other similar products, a list of satisfied customers, terms of contract etc.

Call to Action: In this section, the writer asks for the reader’s response and can express the gratitude. It also includes various details like warranty, discount etc.

Format of Sales Letter

sales letter

Writing Tips for Writing Sales Letter

  • Introduce the ideas in a way that compels the reader to take a positive action.
  • Introduce yourself and the product well.
  • Be clear in what you are offering.
  • Choose your words as per the targeted audience.
  • Always use a headline.
  • Make the first sentence of each paragraph count.
  • Use of font styles, font sizes, bullets, and numbering etc.
  • Use relevant statement showing the credibility of the product.
  • Suitable closing sentences.
  • Correct use of salutation.
  • Proper and complete details of the product and availability.
  • Always ask for attention, build interest, desire, and call of action.
  • Have a simple and convincing tone.
  • Avoid creating confusion and uncertainty.
  • Avoid being clever and funny.
  • Include your name, signature, and other contact details.
  • Do not use fancy words or slangs.
  • Always revise and edit the letter.

Types of Sales Letters

A sales letter has a specific purpose to meet. The various purposes can be the introduction of a new product or service, availing new offers, selling incentive etc. Let us discuss some of them here.


This type of letter is written to a customer or a consumer to introduce to the company or a product. It also explains how readers will get benefit from the product or the service. It must grab people’s attention, build their interest and call to action.

Product Update

As the name suggests, this type of letter is to describe the benefits of new products over older ones. Other details like a limited period to purchase and discount can also be included.

Selling Incentive

It promotes existing products among current customers. This type of letter must build some excitement among the reader to buy the product.

Thank You

A sender writes this letter to thank the customers to be a part of the business. It shows the value of the customer. A brief mention is given on the availability of product for the customer.

Holiday Celebration

This letter gives a chance to offer a product as a gift for customers. It also shows the discounts and the offers limited to the holiday celebration.


It is an invitation to the customers for any celebration. This helps the customers to feel important.

Lost Customer

This type of letter is for the customers who have not been too active recently. It helps the organization to bind with them and offers them good deals.

Solved Example for You

Problem: Which of the following should be kept in mind as a customer’s point of view while writing a sales letter?

  1. Points showing the inexpensiveness of the service.
  2. Expiry of the deals.
  3. Points showing the need.
  4. Points showing the costliness of the service for show off.

Solution: All the above except point d.

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