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Purchase Correspondence

There are not many organizations that make the things they use. Thus, for all of their requirements, they depend on ancillary units or other equipment manufacturers.  Further, they also look for vendors who are capable and have the manpower, skills, and the machinery to make the things that the organizations require on a continuing basis. Thus, an up and running purchase department is been created in a company. To deal with this department it is important to understand what purchase correspondence is.

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Purchase Correspondence

Many people who are in the business of selling believe that selling is the most important and toughest of that organization. But purchasing is also that difficult.

The reason for this is while buying or purchasing, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right part at the right price.

If this does not happen than your production costs will increase. Further, there can be unexpected breakdowns or uncontrollable deviations in the supply of the product. The technology that you are using may become obsolete and thus requires an upgrade.

Prices are also important because if they become volatile than it could affect the supply. The production line requires maintenance and utmost attention.

Requirements in Purchase Correspondence

There are certain steps that you need to follow so that the requirements in the purchase correspondence can be met. These are enquired and estimates.


purchase correspondence

The first step in any commercial transaction is the inquiry. Whenever you buy something, you inquire about it first before making any kind of decision.

Thus, enquires becomes a very integral part of the supply system. If they are written properly then this would help the firms bring in the valuable business.

These inquiry letters are written to furnish or obtain the information and that is why they are written directly to serve their purpose.

Thus, we use a direct approach to write these letters. The inquiry letters should be drafted concisely and clearly. This way the message sent can be interpreted properly. Then only a required answer can be achieved.

There needs to be proper care taken while drafting a letter. Many times a good inquiry letter is a foundation stone to many big business deals. The inquiry done should be compact, straight, and courteous.

The tone of the letter should be positive and confident. If possible, avoid the unnecessary and lengthy statements as well do not repeat the sentences.

Avoid trying to have an authority towards the person through your letter. The main part of the inquiry letter is the questions.

You need to prepare a set of questionnaire so that you can get the answers you want. Have a logical flow to your sentences. In this way, the supplier can understand your needs in a better way.

Industrial Inquiries and its Replies

As the industrial inquiries require technical knowledge, use the proper jargons to convey your message. This will be a help for the supplier to understand its purpose. Further, the language needs to be formal than the usual inquiry letter.

For replies, the most important thing is to understand the inquiry letter. As in the case of the industrial letter, there is the use of technical language, understanding the letter becomes very important. Also, the replies should be polite and to the point.

The letter should begin by expressing the gratitude and mentioning the items that the organization has ordered. Latter can be used to convey the information about the other items that are there within the organization. You should never start a reply with a refusal.

And if you are going to refuse later in the reply then you need to justify it by giving convincing and valid reasons. Because there can be future business relations beyond the inquiry letter.

The correspondence with various industrial houses and companies requires the use of commercial and technical terms. Thus, a writer should become familiar with these terms.

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Estimates are required and provided when instead of goods, services are required. For example, while installing the ducting, an estimate for air conditioning plant itself have to bring the quotation.

Thus a purchase can be done on the basis of this quotation only. Thus, the estimate is also another crucial part of purchase correspondence.

Further, the customer can also ask for the quotation of the complete job to know the budget. Thus, an estimate should contain all the necessary details that the customer requires.

Also, the language should be less technical than the inquiry, because here both the parties may not be in tandem with respect to the technical terms.

As an estimate may take time to be processed, it is advisable to go for the prompt response. This will ensure that the customer can have the time to select the estimate. The language here needs to be formal.

Solved Questions for You

Q. From the below options, which letters are very common types of business letters?

A. Adjustment letters

B.Inquiry letters

C. Application letters

D. Order letters


B.Enquiry letters

Q. Enquiry letters may result into big business deals.


B. False

Answer: A. True

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