Intro to Business Communication

Guidelines for Effective Business Communication

An effective business communication is a requirement for every successful business. Whether you are working through telephone or email or a memo, to run a business smoothly effective communication is required.

Because, without proper communication, customers would not about the company and companies be clueless as to how to reach the customers. Thus it becomes a necessity as to how to improve communication skills.

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As far as guidelines for effective business communication is concerned it is very simple, the message should be presented as concisely and quickly as possible. There should be clarity of thought conveyed to the receiver.

For communication to be more effective, it should be free from barriers. There can be various forms of business communication like written, verbal, electronic, and nonverbal. On all these platforms the effectiveness of the communication is given equal weight.

Need and Characteristics for Communication


how to improve communication skills

Guidelines for effective business communication

Before wondering about how to improve communication skills we should find out why do we need to improve our communication skills? In business, you deal with a lot of people and interact with them through different mediums. Thus, it becomes very important to have an effective communication. You cannot achieve business goals without effective communication.

Now, as English has become the global language for finance and business and thus it is of utmost importance that you work on your English for improving your communication.

Characteristics of Communication

  • Communication cannot be achieved through the one-way process. It is a two-way process. The information and the ideas that you are conveying should also be heard and understood. It there is no response then it becomes difficult to understand the reaction. Thus, feedback is also an important part of communication.
  • The communication is available at all levels of management and in all types of organization
  • The basic purpose for communication is to give and serve the information, and thus influencing the actions of the others. Communication is more than words. The nonverbal communication is also as important as the verbal one. It is not only facts and figures, but it also includes ideas and emotions.
  • Communication can be done through gestures, signs, and symbols as well
  • The communication done at an organizational level should be goal-oriented. It there is a congruence of ideas and thoughts between the sender and the receiver than the communication can be more effective.
  • There are many sciences which are attached with the communication to make it more and more effective

How to Improve Communication Skills?

Having known the importance of communication and it’s needs and characteristics, one must acknowledge the fact that communication is an integral part of business nowadays. So, how to improve your communication skills? Below are some tips which you can use to work on your communication:

1. Nonverbal Communication

Usually, when we think about the communication, we often start with the verbal one. But a study shows that 55 percent of communication is more effective when it is in combination with nonverbal communication.

This means that we convey more through our actions rather than words. So, for nonverbal communication start with a proper posture. Avoid folding of your hands and try and maintain the eye contact with your listeners as much as possible.

2. Honest Feedback

As we have mentioned earlier, communication is a two-way street. Thus, the feedback part is also very important for improving communication. Receiving honest feedback from your readers, listeners, peers can be a critical part for you to become a good communicator.

By regularly receiving feedback, you can improve on the areas which you might certainly overlook. Thus, remain open to feedback and improve on your communication using it.

3. Key Points

Your communication is effective whenever it is clear and concise. Concise does not miss the important points. For clear communication make a rule of starting with key points and again ending with the key points. In businesses, the main agenda for communication is to have a fruitful discussion.

Thus it is important to specify the key points beforehand as well towards the end. This will make sure that we reach a certain goal through communication. Also, the audience will able to grasp the entire communication if you finish it again with the key points.

4. Engage the Audience

Communication should not be done just for the sake of it. Instead, it should be goal-oriented. Thus, it is important that everyone feels a part of this discussion. For that try and involve everyone in the discussion and make them comfortable.

Try and make discussions more interactive so that everyone can present their idea. The main advantage of this is that there will be active participation. Further, we can put many new points on the table which nobody might have discussed earlier.

Solved Questions for You

Q. For effective communication, the process is _________.

A. one-way                   B. two-way                  C. Both                    D. None

Answer: B. two-way

Q. In business, communication is done to ________.

A. persuade and inform                 B. to inform                 C. to persuade                   D. none

Answer: A. persuade and inform

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