Intro to Business Communication

Principles of Business Communication

When your communication is clear, you are able to convey your thoughts more precisely. You will also be able to get the job done and in case of job interviews, you may also be able to land your dream job. As for every form of learning, business communication also has some principles which make your communication more effective. These are known as 7 C’s of communication.

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These 7 C’s of communication must be followed by every business entity and individuals so that the workplace communication can be effective. Communication holds a very important role in any business. Without clear and precise communication a business cannot stand. It is the foundation for any business. What difference does good communication make?

When business communication is effective, it improves efficiency and productivity. This all reduces the redundancies in the business. There are forms in business when the communication is crucial. For example, when you pitching to a client or emailing your colleague, or giving a job interview, a strong communication helps you do all these things well.

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7 C’s of communication

7 C's of communication

Principles of business communication

Just imagine if you are working at a place and everyone in the place does not have proper communication skills and as a result, everyone is following their own thoughts. Will that working place be effective? No, it will not be effective, it will be a big mess. That is why is important to learn the 7 C’s of communication. Here are those:

  1. Concise
  2. Clear
  3. Correct
  4. Concrete
  5. Complete
  6. Courteous
  7. Coherent

1. Concise

Being concise means being able to convey your messages in shortest possible words. But this doesn’t mean that you provide the information less but articulating in such a possible way that you get to spread the message across everyone and that too in fewer words.

It is a necessity for business communication as this C does not involve the vague words and this the message is clearly sent to everyone. Because of conciseness, you save time as well as you save a lot of costs.

As this C excludes the needless and excessive words it makes the main idea or the message more understandable. For audience also this form is more convenient and appealing.

2. Clear

Clear or clarity is very important in business communication. Through this, you are able to emphasize a specific message or a goal at that time. In a business communication, you cannot achieve too much in one go. That is why you need to clear about your ideas.

Because of clarity, the understanding of ideas becomes easier. As the clarity is achieved for ideas and thoughts, the meaning of the words is enhanced. The message becomes more appropriate and exact.

3. Correct

The understanding of your audience is directly proportional to the correctness of your ideas. Because correct communication of thoughts and ideas is also an error-free form of communication. There are many ways to achieve this correctness in your sentences.

One is through a technical understanding of your thoughts and ideas. Further, the names and titles that you have mentioned should be correct. Because of correctness the confidence level of yours as well as your audience increases. It has more impact.

4. Concrete

Concreteness refers to the idea of being clear and particular. It avoids the basic fuzziness and general in your ideas and thoughts. Concreteness also adds to your confidence level.

Concreteness is supported by figures and facts thus it gives your ideas a boost. As it involves clear words only, it helps in increasing your reputation. There are little to none chances that your message is misinterpreted.

5. Complete

A message or an idea is complete when the audience has everything that they want to be informed. Also, this gives an authority to them to move to call of action.

The complete communication generally involves the call to action, which helps the readers understand what you want to imply to them. It also includes all the facts and figures in the sentences.

Due to complete communication, the reputation is enhanced for an organization. A complete communication also involves additional information whenever or wherever it is required. Thus, it leaves no room for doubt in the mind of the readers and audiences. It also helps in persuading the audience.

6. Courteous

Courtesy is the respect that we show to others and in business communication also it means the same thing. You should show respect to your reader by having courteous communication. The individual while sending the message should be polite, sincere, enthusiastic, and reflective.

Being courteous means that you have taken into consideration the feeling receiver as well as your own. It also shows that you are positive and your focus is on the audience. Courteous messages are not at all biased.

7. Coherent

The messages that you send should be logical and that is why coherent communication is important. The message involves certain ideas and thoughts and thus when they are coherent than only they are able to convey the main idea of the message. All the points that you have mentioned should be relevant to the topic and connected.

Further, the flow and tone of the communication should also be consistent. What does your message imply should be the main focus under the coherent message? When all the above 7 C’s of communication are used, then your message becomes more effective. Practice this more to improve your business communication.

Practice Questions on 7 C’s of communication

Q. Which C makes the message unbiased?

A. Clear              B. Concise              C. Coherent               D. Courteous

Answer: D. Courteous

Q. Which C helps in persuading the audience?

A. Clear              B. Concise              C. Complete               D. Courteous

Answer: C. Complete

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