Human Resource Management

Features of HRM


Human resource management (HRM) is one of the most important aspects of management in general. It includes many functions like recruiting, staffing, training and controlling. Since it is such an important function of most managers, one must know all the features of HRM. A good understanding of this field of management can boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Features of HRM

Features of HRM

The following are some important features of human resource management:

1. It is an inherent part of the management

One of the most important features of HRM is that it is inherently a part of the larger function of management itself. Contrary to what people usually think, it is not something that only personnel managers do.

This is because every manager has to deal with people in one way or another. Therefore, human resource management becomes a function for every manager.

For example, managers in the production department have to deal with factory workers. Similarly, even managers in the finance and legal departments look after their subordinate employees.

Since every manager directly or indirectly affects his subordinate’s functioning, human resource management is all-pervasive.

2. It is people-centered

The entire ambit of human resource management revolves around people. Managers at all hierarchies in an organization have to manage people in one way or another.

In other words, people are the main focus of human resource management. This is true regardless of which level of management or the work profile of employees is concerned.

From blue-collared workers to top-level managers, every person in an organization has to deal with HRM. The diverse nature of every person’s functions makes it even more challenging.

3. It is a pervasive function of management

Human resource management is a pervasive function present in every aspect of management. In other words, all managers at every hierarchy or level have to deal with HRM.

This is because managers at all levels have to deal with people in different capacities. Whether it is the top level management or the bottom level, managers have to work with people.

4. It is a continuous function

The process of human resource management is continuous and has to go on all the time without breaks. If an organization has to function smoothly and efficiently, it must be able to manage its employees effectively. This is not a ‘one-shot’ venture; instead, it is a continuous and permanent process. No manager ever stops dealing with people.

5. It deals with personnel activities

Human resource management involves several important activities regulating personnel. For example, it deals with staffing, recruiting, training, appraising, compensating, etc. In order to look after these functions, most organizations have dedicated HR departments and managers.

6. It is based on human relations

One of the most important features of HRM is that it regulates human relations. Managers cannot deal with human beings mechanically as if they are physical resources. This is because humans are sentimental and emotional entities.

Every person has different beliefs, aspirations, perceptions, and drawbacks. Therefore, managers must be able to connect with their employees and subordinates on a deeper personal level.

Solved Questions Features of HRM

(a) All the features of HRM indicate that it is __________-centered.

(b) Managers at all levels of the management __________ have to deal with HRM.

(c) HRM’s most important function is that it regulates __________ relations.

Answers:          (a) people          (b) hierarchy          (c) human

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