Human Resource Management

Operative Functions of HR Manager

Human Resource is an important part of any organization or company. If they are so important, then it becomes the duty of the concern to provide the best working atmosphere.

For the fulfillment of this objective, they hire an HR or Human Resource manager. Human Resource is not an old and complex concept. An HR manager performs various functions for the proper functioning of the organization.

These include Management Functions, Operative Functions, and Advisory Functions. In this article, we will look at the various operative functions.

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Operative Functions

Introduction to Operative Functions

The operative functions are those tasks or duties or functions which a company entrusts to the human resource or personnel department.

These include employment, development, compensation, integration, and maintenance of personnel of the organization.

These are different from the managerial functions since they do not form part of the main functions of the management like Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling.

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Operative Functions

1. Employment

Human resource is the most important resource for any enterprise since it is the resource that converts other resources into the final product.

But that does not mean that the organization starts keeping thousands of workers without proper requirement estimation.

So, under this first operative function of the HR manager, he estimates the manpower requirement in the organization. He does so by using workforce and workload analysis

Hence, in this function, he gets the right number of people and assigns them the right job for the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization. It involves recruitment, selection, placement, etc. of the human resource.

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2. Development

Undoubtedly, the acquisition of human resource in any organization is very important. But we should not forget the fact that the world is changing at a rapid pace demanding the companies to change along with it. In order to cope up with the changing world, the company needs upgraded employees.

Each time a company cannot just retrench the old staff and hire a new one because of a lot of disadvantages in doing so.

So, the company should upgrade or develop their existing employees through the means of Training and Development. By this, they will be able to develop their workers and cope with the rapidly changing environment.

3. Compensation

Everyone works for some benefit or the other. Mostly, people work in exchange for some monetary benefits. Compensation is nothing but the payment for the work done by the workers in the company.

HR manager should consider the fact of equitable compensation for the same level and quality of work for different workers. This function focuses on the determination of adequate and equitable remuneration of the employees.

4. Working Conditions and Welfare

Training and Development just upgrade the workers to work effectively and efficiently but that does not ensure good productivity or fulfillment of the objectives.

It is because there are factors too which are equally important. These include the working environment, conditions, etc.

This function focuses on the good maintenance of the workplace and providing an atmosphere for the workers for effective and efficient working.

5. Motivation

People generally work to a certain level with full efficiency. After some time, they need to be provided with some new incentives to work. Here comes the concept of motivation. This function states that the HR manager should motivate the workers with both financial and non-financial incentives.

6. Personnel Record Keeping

This function states that an HR manager keeps records of the personnel working in different departments under different heads.

Moreover, he keeps the record of their work and the level of improvement. This record keeping helps them to build motivational techniques, staffing function, etc

7. Industrial Relations

The relation of all the workers in the industry is an important aspect for any organization. This function is nowadays fulfilled by the HR managers in the organization.

He helps in collective bargaining, joint consultation, and settlement of disputes. It is because he has a working knowledge of various labour enactments.

Solved Question on Operative Functions of HR Manager

Question: Explain the Operative Function ‘Separation’ of the HR managers.

Answers: A worker becomes the part of any organization, works for it and at last, there comes a time when he/she has to leave the organization. People generally don’t die on their jobs. At the time of leaving the organization, they return back to society. Here comes the function of the HR manager. Under this function, he must ensure that the person leaving the organization is in good shape. The manager should ensure the release of his retirement benefits at the time of his separation from the organization.

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