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Methods of Training

Every organization wants its employees to work with complete efficiency. But is it so easy? No, is the right answer. It is because of the fact that the changes in the environment are taking so rapidly that working with the same set of skills is almost impossible.

It creates the concept of enhancing the skills and expertise of the workers. In other words, the changing environment creates the demand for changing and developing skills in the workers or training them.

In this article, we will look at the various Training Methods under 2 major heads viz, On the Job Training and Off the Job Training.

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Methods of Training

1. On-the-Job Training Methods

(a) Job Rotation

There are various jobs in all organizations. Each job or work requires a different set of skills in the workforce. In order to develop the workforce in all the sectors and zones of the organization, this method is used.

In this method, a worker gets an opportunity to work on different posts with a different set of responsibilities without any increase in the pay scale. Hence, it is also known as ‘lateral movements’.

Training Methods

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(b) Job Instructions

There are various steps to accomplish a  particular task. In this method of training, a worker is guided by a supervisor or a trainer who tells him/her about the exact steps for the accomplishment of the work. Moreover, new works are being taught to the workers by the supervisor.

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(c) Coaching

There is a need for both theoretical as well as practical development of the worker in any organization. In order to do so, most of the organizations opt for this method of training.

In this method, the company provides the worker with a coach who trains him. Also, the trainer provides him regular feedbacks.

(d) Committee assignments

Under this method of training, the organization organizes a meeting or seminar of workers where they get a real life problem of the organization.

The organization asks them to take it as an assignment and try to solve it with their wits. Hence, it leads to the generation of teamwork, leadership qualities, etc. among all the workers in the organization.

2. Off-the-Job Training Methods

(a) Vestibule Training Method

Vestibule Training Method is a very famous means of training the employees especially the manual workers. If the company starts to train the workers in the factory or the workplace itself then there are chances of mishappening with the machinery of the factory.

In this method, similar tools and machinery are arranged outside the organization. Hence, this allows the workers to enhance their skills by working with the same tools and machinery.

(b) Case Study Method

Generally, case study deals with an issue which a business confronts and provides an opportunity for workers to come out with a solution.

This provides them the opportunity to analyze the case and come out with effective solutions. This method can enhance the critical and creative thinking of an employee.

(c) Incident Method

Under this method, firstly the organization prepares a list of series of real incidents. Then they ask the employees to state their reaction to the incident or the situation.

Later, everyone sits and decide a common solution to the incident on the basis of the individual as well as group decisions.

(d) Conferences

Whenever several people meet to discuss any particular topic or subject, that is known as a ‘Conference’. Each worker analyzes and discusses various problems related to the topic. Moreover, this method enables each worker to express their respective viewpoints.

Solved Question on Training Methods

Question: Explain the Off-the-Job Training method of ‘Simulation’.

Answer: Simulation is an Off-the-Job training method in which the organization provides an imaginary situation to the workers. They have to act on those situations which will show their respective viewpoints on various sets of situation. For Example, the role of a Sales Manager solving the sales issues or creating a new sales strategy etc.

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