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Application Software

Application Software

An Application Software is basically is a program or set of programs that perform a specific task. In addition to this, end-users use this software. Hence, the name end-user programs. We can also name this software as an app. There are different types of application software both for simple as well as complex tasks.

They enable the computer to perform specific tasks like processing words, handling calculations, accounting, result preparation etc. Some basic examples are MS-Word, Photoshop, Google Chrome, etc. Let us study further about them.

Types of Application Software

This software has two basic categories:

  1. General-purpose software
  2. Customized software

1. General-Purpose Software

General-purpose software performs a large range of specific basic tasks. They fulfill all the general tasks that a person needs to perform on the system. There are numerous applications that a user needs to perform. Among them, some variety of applications that are frequently used comes under this category.

These can be in independent stand-alone versions or in bundles that make up application suites. Some examples of application suites can be WPS Office, MS Office, Apache OpenOffice, etc. The general-purpose software is divided further as follows:

a) Word Processing Software

This software contains the features to create, edit, delete, access, format, and customize text files. In addition, they have several features like thesauruses, Word Art, etc. to customize and make the files more attractive and useful.

They have additional features for publishing, sending mails, etc. Furthermore, it basically helps to create reports, letters, newsletters, manuals, books, etc.

application software

                                     Microsoft Word

Examples are MS-Word, WPS Writer, Open Office Writer, Word pad, etc.

b) Spreadsheets

This software contains the data in the form of rows and columns. The intersection of a row and column is a cell. They store the data and have various formulas which in turn helps to analyze, calculate, and draw conclusions from data. The business and financial sectors use this software more often.

They also contain additional features like graphs, charts, 3D graphs, tables, etc. for effective results. Report presentation is thus quite easy considering these results.

application software

                                        Microsoft Excel

Examples are MS_Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc, etc.

c) Database Management Systems

A database is a collection of related data or information in an organized form. A database management system is a tool that is used to store, search, extract, or delete information from a database. Moreover, we use them so that the operations which we perform on the database, are in an organized manner and safe.

Some database management tools help in handling records on the system like phone numbers, mailing lists, catalogs, etc. Examples are MS Access, Filemaker, dBASE, etc.

While some others help to manage large and complex databases. Examples are SQL, Oracle, etc.

d) Desktop Publishing Software

They help in designing interactive animations and 3D images using texts and graphics. Moreover, this software has many tools that help the user to produce different and innovative animations and graphics. Their basic applications are logos, magazines, newspapers, business cards, etc.

Examples are Adobe InDesign, QuarkExpress, etc.

e) Web Browsers

Web Browser is a software which we use to access information on the web (World Wide Web). Browsers allow users to search for information, read files, watch videos, download images, etc.

Examples are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

f) Presentation Software

This software helps the users to display their projects and information in the form of slides. Hence, the slideshow is the basic feature of presentation software. Besides, those other features are graphs, charts, adding audio, videos, transitions, etc.

Examples are PowerPoint, Corel Presentations, etc.

g) Video Editing Software

This software helps the user to edit the videos. They can add text, animations, sound, etc. as per their requirement. They also have features to merge, split, or change the speed of the videos. Therefore, they are useful in creating documentaries, advertisements, etc.

Examples are Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio, etc.

h) Games

Games are one of the favorite software. They are used by almost all types of users. There is a large variety of games available ranging from puzzles and mysteries to real-world animation games. There are hundreds of features in this software. Hence, the programming of such software is also complex.

Examples are FIFA Football, Minesweeper, etc.

i) Some other categories of application software

There are a few more small categories such as:

  1. Media Players like windows media player, VLC, etc.
  2. Document Readers like Adobe Reader, DocX Viewer, etc.
  3. Cloud Storage like Google Drive etc.
  4. Photo Editing like Adobe Photoshop etc.
  5. Virtual Assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, etc.

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2. Customized Software

Sometimes people give the order to create certain special software according to their own specific requirements. Programmers generally develop such software on special demands. This software excludes the extra features of application software. Therefore, only such features are present which the user actually requires for his purpose.

This software is not available on the web. So, one cannot download or use them directly. Moreover, once the programmer creates the software, he gives it to the client with certain terms and rights. Due to these features, we can also name this software as tailor-made software.

For example, a beauty salon’s owner needs software to keep track of the bookings. Further, he requires to fix appointments or keep track of his products, etc.

Difference Between Application Software and System Software Application Software System Software
1. They are software that handles specific tasks. Moreover, they can be general-purpose or customized. They help only in the internal working of the computer system. They can utility software, operating system, drivers, etc.


2. Examples: MS-Word, PowerPoint, Google Chrome, etc. Examples: Android, Microsoft Windows, Win RAR, etc.

Functions of Application Software

In conclusion, we can list the functions of application software as follows:

  1. Organize files
  2. Calculate and analyze data
  3. Store, access, manipulate or delete specific data
  4. Design graphics and animations
  5. Make slideshows
  6. Browse the internet
  7. Play games
  8. Edit pictures and videos
  9. Maintain attendance records
  10. Manage records of school, library, railway, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. List 10 application software.

A1. Ten application software are:

  1. MS-Word
  2. MS-Excel
  3. MySQL
  4. MS-Access
  5. Adobe InDesign
  6. CorelDraw
  7. Google cHrome
  8. Windows Media Player
  9. Google Drive
  10. Siri

Q2. What are the two main types of application software?

A2. Two main types are:

  1. General Purpose Software
  2. Customized Software

Q3. Why do we need application software?

A3. Their purpose is to serve specific user requirements. There are various tasks that one can perform on the system. Hence, this software individually performs such specific tasks. Namely, managing data, doing calculations, editing pictures, etc.

Q4. How is system software different from application software?

A4. System software only performs tasks based on the internal working of a computer. On the other hand, application software performs tasks according to user requirements.

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