Basics of Computers

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software related questions are very common in computer aptitude exams. There is no fixed pattern from where you can prepare. Hence, it is important to know the basics. In this article, we will learn about the hardware and software parts of the computer.

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Hardware and Software

Hardware and software form the main parts of any computing device. The physical parts of the computer make up the hardware, while the apps or programs is the software of any computing device. Furthermore, the hardware is often referred to as the machinery of the computer. Let us learn more about each of them.

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Hardware and Software

Hardware is the ‘soul’ of the computer. It is the physical entity. Moreover, not every part of the computer hardware is visible to us. In fact, many hardware parts are internal. For example, hardware components such as motherboard, RAM and CPU are internal. Other examples of hardware include output devices such as printer and monitor. Input devices such as the keyboard and mouse. Also, secondary storage devices such as CD, DVD, hard disk, etc. are all hardware components of a computer.

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Software is the applications and programs of a computer. It is a set of instructions to perform the tasks. These instructions are given by a software developer. They are written in a way that a computer can understand it. Furthermore, if you design a program for a Linux operating system, it will only work for Linux systems. In short, a software designed for a particular hardware is not compatible with other hardware. For example, if we design software for Windows 7 then there might be a compatibility issue if we use it for Windows 10.

A software developer creates software using a high-level programming language. A high-level programming language is easy to read and understand for programmers. But a computer cannot understand these instructions. So, these instructions should be changed to ‘machine language’ which the computer understands. A machine language consists of instructions in binary code. So, when you are installing software, instructions are already in the binary form.

Computer hardware can only perform mechanical tasks. While software can perform several complex tasks. This is because the software provides means required to perform the tasks.

Furthermore, there are two types of software. Namely, system software and application software. An application software performs specific tasks for users. Examples of application software include a web browser, word processor, and other software that we install on our computer. On the other hand, a system software helps to run the computer system and its hardware. Examples of system software include device drivers, operating system, diagnostic tools and many more. As compared to the application software, the system software is always pre-installed on your PC.

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How are hardware and software connected to each other?

The hardware and software of the computer are interconnected with each other. In other words, hardware cannot function without the software. As it requires supporting software to run. Hence, it is important to have the relevant software installed on the hardware to get the job done.

Furthermore, without the hardware, the software cannot perform the required tasks. Software development is considered expensive because it needs regular updates. Also, it is a continuing process. While hardware development is initially expensive but after that, there are no expenses. It is only a one-time expense.

Moreover, we can run different software programs on the same hardware. The software acts as an interface between the hardware and the user. We can say that hardware is the soul of the computer while the software is the heart of the computer. Both complement each other.

Practice Questions

In banking exams, we need expertise in all type of questions that can be asked. Here are a few questions for your practice. Remember these are only given so that you get a hold of it. Try and solve as many as you can.

Q. What is processed data is?

A. Input                B. Output

C. Data                 D. None of these

Answer: B

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Q. Full form of DTP?

A. Desktop publisher         B. Differential protocol

C. Dot-matrix printing      D. Desktop publishing

Answer: D

Q. What type of memory is RAM?

A. Main                               B. Internal

C. External                         D. Auxillary

Answer: A

Q. Out of the following keys which are not on the number pad?

A. Enter                            B. Ctrl

C. Del                                D. Num lock

Answer: B

Q. _____ manual instructs you on how to use the software.

A. Documentation           B. Help

C. Technical                      D.User

Answer: D

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