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MS Office 2016

MS Office 2016 is one of the more recent versions of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. This software is developed by Microsoft Corp for personal and office use. It includes word processing software like Microsoft Office Word, presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, etc. Here we shall see some shortcut keys and things that you can do in the office suite.

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Microsoft Office

In the 2016 version of office, the following versions are available.

  1. Home & Student: This suite includes the core applications only.
  2. Home & Business: This includes all the applications of Home and student suite plus the Microsoft Outlook.
  3. Standard: This suite, includes all the applications available with Homa & Business plus the Microsoft Publisher.
  4. Professional: This suite includes all the applications that are there in the Standard office suite plus the Office Access.
  5. Professional Plus: The suite includes all the applications that are in the Professional plus Skype for businesses.


MS Office

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Core Applications And Their Function

All the traditional editions of Microsoft Office 2016 contain Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote as their core applications. The following are the core applications and their utility in MS office 2016.

MS Word: This is a word processor or the application that is used to create data in the form of text.

MS Excel: This is one of the most popular and widely used applications of the office suite. It is used to compute, represent and process data. In simpler words, excel is a data processing application. It will allow you to formulae tables, plot graphs, define formulae, and run simulations. Hence this application has a wide use in businesses and even with the scientific community.

MS Powerpoint: This is a multimedia presentation application that lets the user create presentations in the audio-visual format. Various data representations and ready-made templates are provided for a smoother experience.

MS One Note: This application is a more recent addition to the office suite. You can make notes, upload audio files and share them with other one-note users. This is also available separately for free usage by the general public. Let us see some shortcut keys that you could use while working with MS Office Suite.

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Shortcuts In The MS Office

There are many shortcuts that you must be aware of like if you are using windows and press Alt + F4, you will be prompted to exit the window. Similarly, there are many other shortcuts that are of prime importance with respect to the IBPS and other banking exam point of view. We will formulate them as follows:

  • Save a file: Ctrl+S
  • Open a file: Ctrl+O
  • Open “Tell me what you want to do”: Alt+Q
  • Cut text/pictures/media: Ctrl+X
  • Copy text/pictures/media: Ctrl+C
  • Paste text/pictures/media: Ctrl+V
  • Select all [everything in a given window]: Ctrl + A
  • Bold Text: Highlight the text and press Ctrl+B
  • Use Italic text: Highlight the text and press Ctrl+I
  • Underline Text: Highlight the text and press Ctrl + U
  • Decrease font size 1 point: Ctrl+[
  • Increase font size 1 point: Ctrl+]
  • Justify align text: Ctrl+J
  • Right align text: Ctrl+R
  • Left align text: Ctrl+L
  • Centre text: Ctrl+E
  • Undo an action: Ctrl+Z
  • Re-do an action: Ctrl+Y
  • Cancel or remove a dialogue box: Esc
  • Copy formatting from the given block of text: Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Apply copied formatting to other text: Select the text and press Ctrl+Shift+V.

There are many other shortcuts. These are the more common and important ones.

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Important Terms

There are many important technical terms that one may confront in the IBPS PO exams and other exams. We will list them here with the help of certain examples.

Q 1: In MS office, the following represents the gutter margin?

  1. It is a margin that is added to right margin when printing.
  2. The margin that we add to the left margin when printing.
  3. This margin is added to the outside of the page when printing.
  4. The margin that we add to the binding side of the page when printing.

Answer: The layout of a page in MS Office word and other applications that you can use to edit text (Text editors) is such that they let you select margins to a page. The text outside the margin will not be printed. A gutter margin is added to the page when printing. While binding, two pages are printed at a time on a large sheet. In the middle region of this sheet, we leave some space to accommodate the binding. This margin is the gutter margin. Thus the answer here is D. Other important terms are as follows:

  • Landscape: Describes the page orientation.
  • Format: Represents the text editing and layout changing menu (size, colour, font etc.)

The best way to learn is to get onto a computer and start using these applications.

Practice Questions

Q 1: In Powerpoint ___________ sets up a presentation:

A) Slider

B) Shower

C) Slideshow

D) Slide Showcase

Ans: C is the correct option.

Q 2:  Ctrl+Shift+C performs which of the following functions:

A) Apply copied formatting to other text.

B) Copy formatting from given block of text.

C) Justify align text.

D) Save files.

Ans: B is the correct option.

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