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Program vs. Programme

Program and programme are two words having similar meanings with spelling differences.  In the American English language, the program is the correct spelling. In British English, programme is the more popular spelling. Also, in British English, the program is often used in computer programming contexts. Many years ago, the program appeared in American and British writing. Learn the difference between Program vs. Programme here.

In the 19th century, the British started to favor the French way of spelling it as programme. In both spellings, it means for “a plan of actions or activities”. Usually, it is used for a specific purpose. In other ways, it may refer to a list of acts or performers associated with any event. These two words can be used as a noun as well as a verb. Therefore, it means to set, regulate, or modify to produce a specific result.

Remember that in the computer reference for writing the code, both British and Americans use “program” as the preferred spelling. Actually, in English, Program vs. Programme is one of the popular confusing word pairs. Some examples are – The school started a morning breakfast program before each session. Another example is- The computer whiz programmed his computer to solve the technical problem there. For more clarity we have, examples as “The backup dancer cried when she realized her name was not missing from the program.”

Program vs. Programme

                                                                                                Program vs. Programme

Difference Between Program and Programme

There is very common confusion about the meaning and spelling of these two words. “Program” is US English. It is used for every meaning of the word may be a noun or maybe the verb. “Programme” is the word in UK English. It is also used for every meaning of the word noun as well as a verb, except in relation to computer programs. Thus, in the UK we “program” computers and write “computer programs”. The inflected forms of the verb are as follows, although MS Word doesn’t accept the single’ spelling means “program”.

Whereas “programme” is still technically correct in UK English, it may go out of frequent use. As this was the case with more British people who are adopting the US spelling. Similar words like “gramme” and “kilogramme” are now in that much in use and are in archaic. Instead of this many British people prefer “gram” and “kilogram”. Interestingly, “program” is the original spelling, and “programme” was adopted in Britain in the 19th century from the French spelling. Of course, words like “diagram” and “telegram” will not be spelled as “diagramme” or “telegramme”.

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How to use Program?

“Program” is used in many different forms.

As the noun:

  • This computer program will not run on my PC.
  • The program must finish with the national anthem.
  • That program will be broadcast throughout America.

As the verb:

  • I will program the computer today evening.

Incorrect: No one should know about that programme tomorrow.

Correct: No one should know about that program tomorrow.

Incorrect: When the programme finished, I switched the radio off immediately.

Correct: When the program finished, I switched the radio off immediately.

Incorrect:  Your favorite serial is on the programme list.

Correct: Your favorite serial is on the program list.

How to use Programme?

As a noun:

  • We are still drawing up the programme for the concert next week.
  • He missed his favorite television programme last night.

Incorrect:  The hotel has a varied program of the entertainment

Correct: The hotel has a varied programme of the entertainment

Incorrect: This program will be broadcast with regional subtitles for the hard of hearing.

Correct: This programme will be broadcast with regional subtitles for the hard of hearing.

Incorrect: The program is clearly geared with the focus of the teenage audience.

Correct: The programme is clearly geared with the focus of the teenage audience.

Examples of Program – Using Program in a Sentence

  • He watched her program a new contact into it.
  • Judging by the training program, you have reached an excellent level already.
  • Starting up the computer, I pulled up a word program and typed something there.
  • His attention left her for a moment when he reached over and closed the program down without saving.
  • The program does not allow any change at this point in time.

Examples of Programme – Using Programme in a Sentence

  • The programme was approved during the plenary session of the Central Committee last week.
  • Since the controversial programme was broadcast, so the BBC’s mailbag has been bulging.
  • The television programme is designed for educating and not merely to entertain.
  • The news programme goes out three times a week at peak hours.
  • Our programme ensures good opportunities to practice as well as study the language with native speakers.
  • This programme will be live broadcast with subtitles for the hard of hearing.

Hope now you find it easy to tell the difference between program and programme.

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