Adjectives: Adjectives are words that describe the noun or the verb or sometimes other adjectives. Don’t worry if the definitions sound hard to understand. They always do. But you don’t have to worry about definitions because you know what? After you are done reading through this chapter, you will do it yourself. You will not only be able to define Adjectives but identify, form and compare them easily. Let’s explain you the concept:


Here is a list of topics you are going to read in this chapter:

Before you get started, look at these sentences below:

  • The spillage on my laptop was accidental.
  • My sister’s wedding dress is golden in colour.
  • The sky was reddish closer to the horizon today at dawn.
  • My sister is funnier than I am.
  • My sister looked so beautiful in her wedding.
  • My Grandparents have a beautiful and ancient home in Assam.

“My Grandparents have a home in Assam.” You see what that did to the sentence? It removed the quality of the house from the sentence. The words beautiful and ancient were describing what kind of home the grandparents have. Without such words, sentences sound rather lifeless. That’s what the Adjective does. 

Look how the words in italics add life and colour to the sentences. Think of Descriptive Adjectives as words that answer the question- Of which kind? How much? Whose? Which?

  • The big fat cat rolled over in the mud. (What kind of cat? -The big fat kind.)
  • Meena did some exercise. (How much exercise did Meena do? -Meena did some exercise)
  • Our babysitter plays the cello. (Whose babysitter plays the cello? -Ours.)
  • This duck wants to sing. (Which duck wants to sing? -This.)

Now that we have slightly understood Adjectives that give life to our sentences, let’s get started on this amazing journey of the words that describe everything, Adjectives.

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