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Macavity -The Mystery Cat Summary Class 8 English

Summary of Macavity – The Mystery Cat

In this article, we have Macavity -The Mystery Cat summary for you. The author of this playful poem is T.S. Eliot who seems to be fond of cats. This poem is a part of his work ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’. This is a poem about Macavity, a cat. The cat openly disobeys the laws and is a criminal. The Flying Squad running after him always fails to catch him as he is faster than them. Macavity can float in the air without any support and is thus a special cat.

He is very thin and tall and thus easily recognizable. He is also full of dust due to the constant ignorance of his skin. Macavity sways his head like a snake. He is always alert though you may feel that he is sleeping. The poet says that he is the incarnation of evil. He is a proficient cheat. Usually, one can find him in the street or square but when you want to punish him, you can never find him.

Macavity -The Mystery Cat Summary in English

This poem describes the story of a mystery cat, Macavity. Macavity is a fictional character and depicts the actions of the crooks. He is also known as ‘Hidden Paw’. He is a notorious criminal, spy, and a trickster and openly disobeys the laws. Macavity is a mastermind and leaves no evidence after committing the crime. Thus, the Scotland Yard Police is also helpless. The Flying Squad has also never succeeded in catching him as he runs faster than them.

The poet says that Macavity is unique. He not only breaks the human laws but also the laws of nature. He can float in the air without any support and thus, breaks the gravitational law of nature. It is said that the fakirs have some magical powers but even they look at him in surprise.

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Thus, he has supernatural and magical powers. Surprisingly, even when one rushes to the crime scene, they cannot find him. He is not in the basement i.e. under the Earth and nor is he in the air i.e. sky. Thus, we can say that he outwits the world’s top investigation agencies.

Macavity’s appearance is also very special. He is easily recognizable as he is a tall and thin ginger cat. He has sunken eyes and his brows have deep wrinkles. His brows depict that he is in deep and continuous planning of criminal acts. Also, he never combs his whiskers and constantly neglects his skin. Thus, he is full of dust. His head is also highly domed. One can find him swaying his head from side to side just like a snake. One may feel that he is in deep sleep but he will be only dozing. Thus, he is a proficient cheat, spy, and a trickster.

The author says that Macavity possesses a unique character. He finds him to be the incarnation of evil. He says that one can see Macavity anywhere easily, may it be in the street or in a square. But, whenever you find him in order to punish him for any of his crimes, he cannot be found anywhere.

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