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The Great Stone Face – I Summary

Summary of The Great Stone Face- I

The Great Stone Face- I is a story that tells us about a man named Ernest, who resides in a valley. It is an ordinary town with a specialty. In other words, it has got a local mountainside that has rocks. These rocks are put together in such a manner that they resemble a very wise and benevolent face from afar. This face fascinates Ernest a lot. His mother tells her of a local legend. It says that a man who resembles the great stone face will return to the valley. This makes Ernest more interested in finding out about the man. In part one of the story, we learn about his quest to find the great stone face. Ernest is always in the hope that someone resembling the stone will appear one day definitely. Thus, it tells us about his search for the man and his experiences throughout the same.

The Great Stone Face- I Summary in English

The Great Stone Face is a story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It revolves around a man and his fascination with a mountainside. A little boy named Ernest lives with his mother in the valley. The mother is telling Ernest about the Great Stone Face.

Everyone in the valley knew about it. Now, Ernest was learning about it. It is indeed a piece of nature. It is a local mountainside that has huge rocks that resemble the features of a human face from afar. So much so, that it looks alive.

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Ernest always felt that the giant face was always smiling at him. His mother tells him about a local legend that says that a man resembling the giant face will return to the valley one day. That man will be the greatest and noblest.

This just piqued Ernest’s interest even more. Ernest is a happy and helpful child who grows up to be a mild and quiet adult. Many years ago, a man, Gathergold, left the valley. He is now a rich man who returns to the valley. People start talking about Gathergold can indeed be the look-alike of the Great Stone Face.

However, Ernest did not feel he was the one. He goes every day and gazes at the giant face. It always makes him wonder why the look-alike has not come back yet. By this time, Gathergold passes away without ascertaining resemblance to the giant face.

Meanwhile, there is another man of the valley who joins the army and leaves the valley. He is very famous on the battlefield but is now old and returns to his valley. Again, people think he is the one but Ernest is still not content with this. He does not see any resemblance and still believes the real look-alike is not here yet. He keeps on waiting for the man resembling the Great Stone Face to arrive.

Conclusion of The Great Stone Face- I

The first part of Great Stone Face is about Ernest’s quest to find out the man who will return one day to the valley and resemble the great stone face.

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