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The Great Stone Face – II Summary

Summary of The Great Stone Face – II

The Great Stone Face- II is the second and final part of the story. It tells us about the ending of the story. It answers all questions whether Ernest finds the great stone face look alike or not. Ernest lives in his valley only. He is a very simple-hearted man. Ernest always helps others and works for everyone’s betterment. Ernest is now popular all over the world for his wise thoughts. As Ernest grows old, a new poet emerges. He is a native of the valley only and hears about Ernest. He returns to the valley to meet Ernest. On the other hand, Ernest is in the hope that the poet might be the look-alike. On his meeting with Ernest, the poet declares him to be the great stone face look alike and everyone agrees. However, Ernest does not agree with this and still holds on to his hope.

The Great Stone Face – II Summary in English

The second part of the story finally reveals all about the look-alike whom Ernest is waiting for. We learn that Ernest is still living in his native valley. However, he is not an old man. Nonetheless, Ernest has a very kind and simple heart. He tries to work for the betterment of everyone.

In addition, Ernest has also become very wise and humble. His wisdom has now spread all over the world. People from all over come to meet Ernest. As Ernest grows old, he hears of a new poet. This poet is also a native of the valley and stays in different cities.

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When the poet comes to know about Ernest, he decides to visit him. He visits Ernest and notices that he is reading a book and glancing lovingly every now and then at the mountain. The poet stays the night at Ernest’s place at his insistence.

Ernest’s nature manages to impress the poet. He watches him speak to his neighbors every evening. He decides to accompany Ernest and listen to him talk. On staying with Ernest, the poet realizes that he is a very noble and kind gentleman.

He is all that his own poetry can never be. And then only, he takes a look at the great stone face, which is when he realizes something. Consequently, he believes that it is indeed Ernest who is the one that resembles the Great Stone Face.

Similarly, everyone else agrees with the poet. However, this does not please Ernest at all. He still does not believe that he, is the one he has been looking for all his life. So, he refuses to accept this. Thus, he still keeps hoping and waiting for the person to return who will bear resemblance to the great stone face.

Conclusion of The Great Stone Face- II

The story concludes by telling us that the man who was in search of the look-alike turns out to be that himself but because he has always wished for it to be someone else, he does not believe in it and waits for the right look-alike to arrive.

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