Transformation of Sentences

Transformation of sentencesTransformation of Sentences: We come across so many sentences on a daily basis. And english grammar has so neatly categorized into some clean buckets for you to identify these types and transform them as you please. In this chapter we will first break down a sentence into it’s atomic part: the word. Literally every word can be summarized into one of the 8 parts of speech. Those put together make a sentence.

Then you go on to learn the voice or the mood a sentence is written in. The types of sentences and how to transform them into each other. Then comes the reported speech which is nothing but how will you report someone else’s sentence to you to someone else. However complicated it may sound, it’s really very easy to crack the game of Transformation of Sentences. Here in this chapter, we have broken all of them for you one by one. So head on:

Head on to the interesting world of sentences and nail the game of Transformation of sentences. All the best!


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