Essay on Rain Water Harvesting for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is one of the most commonly used methods to save water. It refers to storing of rainwater for various uses. The notion behind rainwater harvesting is to not waste the rainwater and prevent it from running off. In other words, it is done to collect rainwater using simple mechanisms. This method is very useful considering the water scarcity that is happening in India. Moreover, rainwater harvesting is so easy that almost anyone can do it. We must encourage this practice to help people get access to clean water easily without any cost.

Essay on Rain Water Harvesting

Importance of Rainwater Harvesting

As we know by now, rainwater harvesting is very easy and economical. Following the water scarcity in so many parts of the world, rainwater harvesting has become the need of the hour. It must be practiced by people of all regions. This will also give them a sense of comfort in knowing that they won’t have to face water scarcity.

Furthermore, rainwater harvesting holds more importance than you actually think it does. As we know that surface water is not enough to meet the demands of the people, we can get additional help from rainwater. Also, most people now depend on groundwater for their uses. Many houses and even flats have submersible pumps in their place. The groundwater is decreasing day by day because of excessive usage, deforestation, urbanization and more.

Thus, when we practice rainwater harvesting, it can maintain the level of the groundwater. That way, we all can make use of groundwater as it will keep on replenishing through rainwater harvesting. Moreover, rainwater harvesting prevents water from logging on roads. It also reduces the chances of soil erosion. Most importantly, rainwater harvesting improves the quality of water which we consume, as it is the purest form of water.

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Rainwater Harvesting Methods

Rainwater harvesting is a very simple method that can be practiced by anyone. There are primarily two types of rainwater harvesting methods. The first one is surface runoff harvesting. In this method, the water that runs off the surface is focused on. We see how the surface runoff causes a lot of loss of water. However, if we make proper arrangements, we can even save that water to use for various purposes.

In this method, we can collect the surface runoff water by making a path that directs to a storage space like a tank or pond. This can help store water in a large amount which can be used later for a lot of work. Everyone can design an efficient system which will collect large amounts of water from roads, gardens, parks and more. It will definitely be enough to sustain a community and even a city is designed on a larger level.

However, the runoff water will have a lot of impurities. Therefore, it is important to first filter the water properly so it can be reused for all purposes, whether it is drinking or cooking.

Next up, we have rooftop rainwater harvesting. Here, the roof of a house or building works as a rainwater collection unit. It includes equipping the roof with pipes that direct to a pit or tank. These pipes will divert the water falling on the roof in the tank to save water from falling off. This is a very economical and efficient way to harvest rainwater.

FAQs on Rain Water Harvesting

Q.1 Why is Rainwater Harvesting important?

A.1 Rainwater harvesting is important because we are facing water scarcity. Rainwater is an economical way to save water and prevent rainwater wastage.

Q.2 How can one harvest rainwater?

A.2 Rainwater harvesting is done using two methods. One is surface runoff harvesting and the other is rooftop rainwater harvesting.

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