Essay on Bicycle

500 Words Essay On Bicycle

A bicycle is a useful vehicle that helps us reach a destination without polluting the environment. It is composed of steel and has two wheels. In addition, it has got a seat and handle with two pedals and also a bell. Some bicycles have a carrier while some don’t. It is a popular choice amongst poor people and students. Essay on bicycle will help us understand its importance.

essay on bicycle

Importance of Bicycle

Bicycles have become even more important in recent times. While they have been offering us many advantages for a long time, they are very vital now. It is because of the rate at which pollution is growing in the world, they offer a greener way to commute.

In other words, bicycles do not require any petrol or diesel which harms our atmosphere. Further, it does not leave a carbon footprint as well. Thus, it is a great choice for everyone especially those who are environment-friendly.

After that, we see that bicycles do not possess the potential to harm anyone, unlike bikes, cars and buses. If you ride a bicycle, you are less likely to hurt someone or get in an accident as compared to ones who ride bikes or drive cars.

Most importantly, bicycles are great for our health. There are numerous benefits which cycling offers to ensure a healthy life. It is not only a great alternative to gym workouts but also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, bicycles help to preserve our health. Similarly, they do not harm the environment. Moreover, they are also very beneficial as we can go through narrow roads with a bicycle which we cannot do with bikes or cars.

My Bicycle

I have a bicycle which is red and black in colour. My father gifted it to me on my birthday and it is my most cherished present. The name of my bicycle is Turbo Thunder and it has many interesting features.

It comes with different gears and a basket as well. Moreover, it also has a bottle holder and a lock. I cycle every evening with my friends from the neighbourhood. It is very liberating to me to be able to cycle in the pleasant weather without any care.

My father ensures that I always wear my protective gear while cycling to prevent any injuries. I have decorated my cycle with stickers as well to make it more personalized. In addition, I go to my coaching classes on my bicycle only.

Therefore, I love my bicycle and I wish to keep it with me even after growing up. As cycling is good for the environment and our health, I plan to keep cycling for a long time to lead a healthy life and make the environment clean.

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Conclusion of the Essay on Bicycle

To sum it up, bicycles are great in every aspect, whether it is regarding our health or the health of nature. Moreover, it is also not heavy on the pocket. With the world getting polluted at a faster rate day by day, it is essential for us to switch to bicycles for a healthier life and greener future.

FAQ of Essay on Bicycle

Question 1: What is the importance of a bicycle?

Answer 1: Bicycles are very important as they offer us many health benefits if we cycle regularly. In addition to that, it serves as a great workout session. Most importantly, they are great for the environment as they do not pollute it.

Question 2: Who invented the bicycle?

Answer 2: Karl von Drais was a German who invented the first bicycle. He developed it and named it the ‘swiftwalker’ which hit the road in the year 1817. The early bicycle came with no pedals and the frame was a wooden beam. It has two wooden wheels with irons rims and leather-covered tires.

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