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500+ Words Essay on Brain Drain

Brain Drain refers to substantial emigration or migration of individuals. Furthermore, such individuals possess the advantage of higher training at home. Moreover, Brain Drain shows the net loss for the sending country. One reason for Brain Drain could be turmoil within a nation. Another reason could be better pay in other countries/organizations. Most noteworthy, Brain Drain is the mass departure of individuals of talents and skills from a country.

Essay on Brain Drain

Types of Brain Drain

Geographical Brain Drain- This refers to the emigration of individuals of high-skills and high-brilliance to other nations. Furthermore, this departure takes place in search of better-paying jobs. Also, these better-paying jobs will lead to a higher standard of living. Most noteworthy, geographical Brain Drain creates a negative impact on the home country’s economic development.

Organizational Brain Drain – This refers to the departure of individuals of skill, talent, and experience from one organization to another. Furthermore, organizational Brain Drain is very harmful for the organization in which this exodus occurs.

Industrial Brain Drain – This type involves the movement of skillful workers from one industry to another. Furthermore, industrial Brain Drain is the departure of individuals from one industry to another for better pay. Consequently, this causes a deficiency of talent in the industry which loses its workers to other industries.

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Brain Drain by Geographical Regions

Brain Drain in Europe follows two distinct trends. The first is an exodus of scientists of high qualification from Western Europe to the United States. Furthermore, the second trend is the migration of skillful workers from Central and South-eastern Europe into Western Europe.

African countries have lost a massive amount of skilled and talented individuals to developed nations. Most noteworthy, this makes it very difficult for African countries to come out of poverty. Furthermore, the most affected nations are Nigeria, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

There has been considerable emigration of talent from the Middle East. In Iraq under Saddam Hussain, there was a significant migration of professionals. This was due to a lack of support for these professionals under Saddam Hussain.

Also, in Iran, there is substantial emigration of skillful professionals on an annual basis. Moreover, the Arab world in general witnesses a huge amount of departures of experts. These departures are certainly due to better opportunities in technical fields in the west.

South Asia experiences a tremendous amount of emigration of talent. Furthermore, this trend is continuously rising year after year. Gulf Countries are a particularly favorite work location for many South Asians. Most noteworthy, there is a lot of demand for South Asian skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor in the Gulf. Moreover, other favorite work locations for South Asians include Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

To sum it up, Brain Drain is a widespread phenomenon these days. Many developing countries suffer from this problem of losing their talent to other countries. Most noteworthy, the government must take stern measures to control this loss of talent.

FAQs on Brain Drain

Q1 What is Organizational Brain Drain?

A1 Organizational Brain Drain refers to the departure of skillful individuals from one organization to another.

Q2 Explain any one Brain Drain trend in Europe?

A2 One Brain Drain trend in Europe is the migration of highly qualified scientists from Western Europe to the United States.

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