Essay on Charity Begins at Home for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Charity Begins at Home

Charity begins at home it is a true saying as someone that cannot love her/his family then how can that person love someone else. This proverb is a lesson for all of us and Charity does and should begin at home. First, we need to learn to care and love our family wholeheartedly then we can shower love to the outside world.

Also, it is a person’s first and foremost responsibility to serve her/his family first then others. In addition, fulfill duties towards your family than others.

Essay on Charity Begins at Home

Another interpretation of Charity begins at home

It is largely believed that our family comes first and we should help them before helping others. But, there are people who debate that this is the misinterpretation of this proverb. According, to them, it means that children should be taught about charity at home. A child learns by seeing his elders, if the parents are loving and giving and pay importance to social cause them their children will also learn the same and make some efforts to improve the society.

Besides, in some way, it does make sense. It also sends a strong message to the people with this phrase. Furthermore, the children follow the footstep of their parents and do what they do.

Moreover, if they see their parents doing good deeds by helping the poor and needy then they will indulge them in doing the same. Also, they will pass this on to the next generation. But, on the contrary, if they see them misbehaving with poor and needy then they will also do the same. So, it is important to teach our children good things because it will build a better society.

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How the two interpretation of charity begins at home are linked

The above-mentioned interpretation of the phrase may not be complete in itself. If in the above interpretation the parents completely ignore their children and devote themselves completely in helping others then will their children still like to help others? The answer will be no because they would think that these people are keeping them away from their parents. Also, they would rather hate them.

So, we can say that both the interpretation of the phrase is true and linked with each other. We must indulge in the habit of charity only when it runs in the family. The children will also inculcate only when we remain sensitive towards the need of children and family members. After that, we can go out and help others. And this is the best way to lead a decent life.

Also, we must learn to prioritize and the family should be on top of the list. Besides, ignoring the family and working for the benefit of society is bad for both our self and society.

In conclusion, ‘Charity begins at home’ sends a strong message in society. We should understand it’s important to lead a more satisfying life. Also, we must remember what we inculcate is what we teach our children. Besides, we must shower our children and family with an abundance of love and fulfill all their essential needs and after that, we can help the poor and needy around us.

FAQs about Essay on charity Begins at Home

Q.1 Does charity begins at home?
A.1 Yes, charity begins at home because if you look after your children and family and after that be kind to others then your children will do the same thing when they grew up.

Q.2 Is love and charity are the same things?
A.2 No, love and charity are different things but they are interlinked at some point.

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