Essay on Child is Father of the Man for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Child is Father of the Man

The famous proverb “Child is Father of the Man” is an element of a poem “My Heart Leaps Up”. William Wordsworth, the poet with the greatest faith in nature wrote the poem in 1802. The proverb can be interpreted as per the perception or analysis one draw from the line. The proverb was used in connection to the “nature” with the “humanity”. William wants to throw light on the fact that every grown-up man was a child once. Also, how old a man may grow, there will always be a child present within him. He also gives a message that if this childishness disappears, it is very unfortunate and one must better die!

essay on child is father of the man

Child is Father of the Man – What does it Mean?

One can draw many useful implications on critically analyzing the phrase “Child is Father of the Man”. The most important idea is to tell that a person’s conduct as an adult i.e. as a man is formed by his habits he practiced as a child. Also the surroundings, influences, and experiences one undergoes in his childhood leave a deep impact on one’s personality.

Thus, it is necessary that a child finds a healthy environment at home and in other places. Only then his physical, mental and social development will take place in the right direction. Such a child will grow up into a joyful, hopeful and generous man.

On the contrary, a child who has always seen quarrels learns the same. Likewise, hatred and distress among the family members, in the neighborhood and the surroundings have an adverse effect. Hence, he will grow up into a maladjusted personality. He will show disrespect for the family, the society and the culture. Such a person cannot serve society. Also turns out as a rebellious and destructive personality.

A child’s mind absorbs or imitates everything as he sees in his family, school, society, and culture. He does not understand good or bad. Thus, there is a huge responsibility on the part of parents, school, and society. They must focus on instilling values from the very childhood. Only then we can build a man of morals.

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A Part of Man Always Remains a Child

Another expression of the proverb is that no matter what the age a man attains, there is a part in him that will always remain a child. A child, who wants to have merry, wants to laugh. One who wants to sit quietly and enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, the one who wants to meet his friends, enjoy leisure. Also wants to love and be loved, wants to hope. Moreover, honor his belief, to feel blessed, lucky and happy.

A person who has lost the child is an unfortunate one and is better for him to die than to live such an upsetting life!! A man should never lose himself in a busy and dirty city atmosphere. This will later make him tired, alone and frustrated. Hence, he must be a child at heart, no matter how mature he becomes.

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Childhood is the most significant stage in one’s life. The way of life acquired, the behavior patterns established during this period are hard to change. Moreover, the interests developed, the values adopted as a child remains unchanged. Thus, these are reflected in one’s conduct in his later life too. Hence, each child should be nourished with love and care. Out of the same, a man of greatest ideals is born.

Also, we must provide opportunities to the child inside us cherish the world. We all should take the time to seek pleasure from the small things around us. We must fulfill our childlike desires. Only then, we could rejoice our lives at a later age too.

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