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500+ Words Essay on Indian Farmer

Framers are the backbone of Indian society. Also, this is a sensitive topic that needs to be handled carefully. The people of India are engaged in a variety of profession but agriculture or farming is the main occupation in India. In contrast, though they are the backbone of the economy still they are facing many problems that not only affect them but also other people. Although farmers feed the entire nation sometimes they can’t even afford two square meals for them and their families.

Essay on Indian Farmer

Importance of Farmers

Before the 1970s India was not self-sufficient in producing food grains and imports a large sum of food gains from other countries. But, when our imports started blackmailing us then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri find an alternative and motivated our farmers. In addition, he gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” which is remembered till day.

After this, the green revolution started in India and we became self-sufficient in food grains. Moreover, we started exporting our surplus to other countries.

Besides, the farmers contribute around 17% of the country’s economy. But still, they live their lives in poverty. Also, they are self-employed and depend only on farming as their main and only occupation.

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Role of Farmers

Farmers are the driving force of the economy. That’s why; a major sum of our population is directly or indirectly involved in it. Furthermore, every citizen of the country is dependent on the agriculture products produced by them.

The Current Condition of the Farmers

The farmers feed the entire nation but they themselves struggle for 2 square meals a day. In addition, the farmers are committing suicide because of the debts and burden of guilt that they can’t feed and provide a prosperous life to their families. Many of the farmers are migrating to cities to find a more stable source of income that can provide their family with a proper food supply.

But, if the condition of farmers’ suicide and migration continues than India will again become a food importer rather than exporter. Due to large scale campaigning and the issue of farmer’s suicide is highlighted. But are these efforts enough to save our Annadata (food provider) that the question which we should ask our self?

Besides, the relentlessness of the problem could be judged by the fact that every year hundreds and thousands of farmers commit suicide. The main reasons for their suicide are the repayment of loans which they are unable to repay due to various reasons. In addition, the maximum number of farmers is forced to live below the poverty line. Above all, they are forced to sell their produce at a cost lower than the MSP (Minimum Support Price).

In conclusion, we have passed a long way since independence but still, we need to do a lot. Also, the villages and farmers and villagers still after doing this much for the economy still spend there in misery. But, if we take the matter seriously and try to resolve the problems of farmers then soon a day will come to the villages will become prosperous as the cities.

Some FAQs

Q.1 Put some light on the condition of Indian farmers?
A.1 The condition of Indian farmers is very poor. Around 80% of the farmer’s population consists of those farmers who own less than 1-hectare land or 1-2 hectare. Besides, agriculture provides employment to nearly 50% but still contributes 15% to the GDP.

Q.2 Define small farmers?
A.2 Small farmers are vital for India’s agriculture. These are the farmers that own 2 or less than 2 hectares of land. In addition, they constitute around 70-80% of the total farmers of the country.

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