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500 Words Essay on India of My Dreams

India is a country where people of all cultures and religions coexist together. I suppose that each of us has dreamt about some version of India. Obviously, we may dream about anything at any time, and as Indian citizens, we are continuously looking for methods to improve our country and see a better India. Peace and prosperity are my hopes for our great country. India will be a great country when every citizen follows the rule of law, supports the nation with their families, and does something to make India a better place.

The India of my dream would be a country where women are safe and walk freely on road. Also, it will be a place where there is freedom of equality to all and everyone can enjoy it in their true sense. Furthermore, it would be a place where there is no discrimination of caste, color, gender, creed, social or economic status, and race. In addition, I see it as a place that sees an abundance of development and growth.

Essay on India of My Dreams

How can we make our dream India possible?

If we collectively look into everything, we will be able to identify the causes and solutions to all of the world’s problems. Similarly, building a great nation and resolving its deep-rooted problems is an attainable goal. India must have the following characteristics in order to become a Great Country:

  • Law That Is Just and Effective
  • Society of Peace
  • Equality of opportunity for everyone
  • Equality of opportunity for everyone
  • Uncorrupted systems
  • Uncorrupted systems
  • Unbiased educational system

When these things become a reality, the entire country will take notice, and everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and prosperous life. That is why we must all work together to bring about change in our country and contribute to improving people’s lives. Every person must work with their family and society, as well as support our government, which is also doing its bit by providing adequate education, transportation, food for everybody, and employment opportunities to all segments of society.

Technological Advancement

I would like to see India become more scientifically, technologically, and agriculturally sophisticated. I want to see an India where rationality and scientific ideas triumph over blind faith and bigotry. Because the present age is the age of science and information technology, I would like to bring India to the pinnacle of scientific and technical advancement. Scientific and technological developments are required since they are a critical stepping stone in the development of a country.

Women Empowerment

There is a lot of discrimination against women. But, still, the women are stepping out of their houses and making a mark on different fields and on society. In addition, there are a lot of areas that need to be worked upon whether it is female feticide or restricting them to the household task. Besides, many NGO and social groups have come forward to promote women empowerment.

However, we have to work hard to change the mindset of society. I dream of India as a country that sees women as its assets, not as liabilities. Also, I want to place women on an equal level as men.


Though there are many initiatives by the government to promote education. But there are many people who do not realize its true importance. The India of my dream will be a place where education will be mandatory for all.

I wish there were no uneducated people in India of my dreams. I would like to see India implement a system of education that allows every individual to earn a living. In my dream India, I would like the people of my country to appreciate the value of education and to encourage their children to pursue school rather than working in menial professions at a young age.

Employment Opportunities

Although there are many educated people in India. But, due to corruption and many other reasons they are unable to get a decent job. Besides, there are many employment opportunities in the country but they are either limited or don’t pay well enough. One of the reasons for this is weak industrial growth in the country.

In addition, reservation is a hindrance in this path as most of the deserving candidates lose their good opportunities because of it. Many of these deserving candidates go abroad and work for the economic growth of other countries. The Indian of My dream will be a place where the deserving candidate will get the job first rather than reserved candidates.

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Caste Discrimination

Though India got independence in 1947, still we are not able to get complete independence from caste, religion, and creed discrimination. It is shameful to see how in certain parts of the country the people of the lower section of the society are denied the basic rights.

However, there are various social groups that speak for their rights and help them to oppose this oppression. Besides, I dream of an India where there is no discrimination of any kind.


Corruption is one of the major reasons that are hindering the growth of the nation. Instead of making an effort to serve the growth of the country the officials and politicians are busy filling their own pockets. So, I dream of an India where the minister and official are dedicated to their work and wholly for the development of the country.

A big number of well-educated persons appear to be unemployed as a result of politicians’ severe corruption and harshness. Because of the reservation system, the majority of deserving individuals have been denied the opportunity. My hope for India is that deserving applicants, not reserved candidates, receive the correct jobs. I would also like to see India become a place where the government’s primary focus is on the benefit of the country.

In conclusion, the India of my dream will be an ideal country where every citizen will be equal. Also, there is no discrimination of any type. In addition, it will be a place where women are seen as equals to men and respected equally.

Gender Discrimination and Inequality

It’s terrible to see how, despite showing themselves in every aspect of life, women are still regarded as inferior to males. My ideal India will be one in which women are protected in all circumstances, good or bad. There will be no more torture, domestic violence, or male dominance over women. Women will be able to pursue their dreams with greater freedom. In my future country, they should be treated equally and have the right to care. It would be a location where the safety of women would be of the first importance.

Medical Support

The sole goal of the medical profession shall be to protect people free from discomfort and sickness, with proper regard and respect for age and with all due consideration for the health of all the best medical facilities available. Not for profit, but for the sake of service. The elderly would be properly cared for, and life would appear to be worth living for as long as they lived. People in my ideal country would be born healthy, hopeful, and happy, and they would live happily ever after.

FAQs about Essay on India of My Dreams

Q.1 Why India of my dream is difficult to achieve?
A.1 India of my dream is difficult to achieve because there are many social, religious, and political problems. Only after getting rid of them, we can think about the India of my dream.

Q.2 Does corruption is the only hindrance in the path of development in India?
A.2 No, there are many other hindrances in the path of development of India but corruption is a hindrance.

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