Essay on Issues and Problems faced by Women in India

500 Words Essay on Issues and Problems faced by Women in India

India is a country where women are given the status of a goddess. However, the problems they have to face just show the opposite of this concept. On hand they worship them as goddesses and on the other, they abuse them endlessly and consider them inferior. India women always had some problem or the other to face in society. People evolved and so did the problems, they did not go away but changed from one to another. We need to realize these problems and act on them fast to help our country thrive.

essay on issues and problems faced by women in india

Problems Faced by Women in India

When in the early days, there were severe issues like the Sati system, no widow remarriage, devadasi system and more. While most of them are not prevalent now, there are new issues that women face. They may be not the same but they are still as severe as the early ones. They hinder the growth of a country and make the women feel inferior.

Firstly, violence against women is a very grave issue faced by women in India. It is happening almost every day in various forms. People turn a blind eye to it instead of doing something. Domestic violence happens more often than you think. Further, there is also dowry-related harassment, marital rape, genital mutilation and more.

Next up, we also have the issues of gender discrimination. Women are not considered equal to men. They face discrimination in almost every place, whether at the workplace or at home. Even the little girls become a victim of this discrimination. The patriarchy dictates a woman’s life unjustly.

Moreover, there is also a lack of female education and the gender pay gap. Women in rural areas are still denied education for being a female. Similarly, women do not get equal pay as men for doing the same work. On top of that, they also face workplace harassment and exploitation.

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Ways to Tackle These Issues

We must all come together as one to fight these issues faced by women in India. Every citizen and government must try to make it a safe place for women to be in. They must make more stringent laws against people who commit crimes against women. They must also be implemented properly to ensure everyone takes them seriously.

Furthermore, opportunities must be provided equally for men and women. In every field, we must encourage women to give their best. It does not matter whether it is the medical field or sports field, opportunities must be equal.

Moreover, education must be stressed upon gravely. It must be made a compulsion to educate every girl and woman for a better future. We must join hands to protect and safeguard our women in India. It will help us thrive as a country and make the world a better place.

Therefore, each one of us must be ready to treat women as equal counterparts. We must help them at every stage and more than that empower them to make their own decisions. After that, these issues can be eliminated so women need not face discrimination in the name of gender.

FAQs on Issues and Problems faced by Women in India

Q.1 What issues do women face in India?

A.1 Women in India have to face a lot of issues. They have to go through gender discrimination, harassment, sexual abuse, lack of education, dowry-related harassment, gender pay gap and much more.

Q.2 How can we tackle these issues?

A.2 We must come together to empower women. They must be given equal educational opportunities. Furthermore, they must be paid equally. Moreover, laws must be made more stringent for crimes against women.

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