Essay on Role of Human Activities in Global Warming for Students and Children

Essay on Role of Human Activities in Global Warming

We all know that we are facing global warming nowadays. It is also evident that human activities are the major reason behind the rise in this issue. If we do not make collective changes, we will soon face an environmental catastrophe. The reports which you see and read are enough to worry you for. However, it is still not too late. We can help the earth and living beings to reverse it all. We need to come together and give up on these human activities which contribute to global warming.

essay on role of human activities in global warming

Human Activities Causing Global Warming

We all are guilty of harming the planet for our convenience and comfort. It even means something as little as traveling and transportation. However, it is not that little because it has a huge impact. The vehicles you see on the road, air and water get power through fossil fuels. When they burn these, it releases a number of pollutants including carbon. This hampers the air and water quality. Moreover, it also raises the temperature of the earth. Thus, it contributes greatly to global warming.

Furthermore, we have industrialization. As we are now moving to industries more and more, global warming is also increasing rapidly. The industries release all kinds of toxins in the air and water. All this pollutes the atmosphere and releases harmful gases. The overuse of electricity is also a great cause behind this. We must waste electricity and use it responsibly. It means more fossil fuels get burned as you waste more electricity.

Moreover, deforestation is also a great contributor to global warming. Humans clear millions of acres of forests every year for commercial needs. We do not realize or simply choose to ignore that these forests have large amounts of carbon. When we remove them, it does not get absorbed into trees. This causes an increased level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as hampers the ecosystem.

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Ways to Prevent Global Warming

As these activities are caused by humans, we can only prevent them from happening. If each person does their part, we can reduce and prevent global warming to a great extent. Switch to public transport or carpool with others to lessen the emission of pollutants in the air. Try walking shorter distances.

Furthermore, do not buy a new car frequently. Try to use your old for as long as you can. However, if it is rather important, consider buying a hybrid one. After that, never forget to recycle whenever you can. Similarly, buy recycled items to reduce wastage in the environment. You must also dispose of organic waste properly instead of throwing it away irresponsibly.

Most importantly, quit using plastic. Try to buy fresh food which has little packaging. Also, do not waste electricity. Turn off the lights and fans as well as unplug the appliances when not in use. Always carry reusable bags with yourself, it will help in avoiding plastic use. Moreover, even if you do use plastic, try to reuse it and recycle it for the betterment of nature and prevent global warming.

FAQs on Role of Human Activities in Global Warming

Q.1 What human activities cause Global Warming?

A.1 There are various human activities that cause global warming. Some of them are irresponsible travel and transportation, industrialization, deforestation, livestock production, factory farming, consumerism, overuse of electricity and more.

Q.2 How to prevent Global Warming?

A.2 There are various ways through which we can prevent global warming. We can start by taking public transport more instead of personal conveyance. Furthermore, recycle more and avoid plastics. Conserve electricity as much as you can.

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