Essay on Life of Soldiers for Students and Children

500 Words on Essay on Life of Soldiers for Students and Children

Soldiers are one of the greatest assets of any country. They are the guardians of the nation and protect its citizens at all costs. Moreover, they are a very selfless lot who put the interest of the country above their personal interest. A soldier’s job is one of the toughest things to do in the world. They are supposed to fulfill challenging duties and possess exceptional qualities to become a great soldier. However, their lives are very tough. Nonetheless, they always fulfill their duties despite the hardships.

essay on life of soldiers

Duties of Soldiers

A country sleeps peacefully as the soldier performs its duties. The first and foremost duty of a soldier is to serve their country without any selfish motive. A person usually joins the army out of love for his motherland and to protect it. Even though they know they will have to face numerous problems, they still do so for their country.

Furthermore, a soldier safeguard’s the honour of his country. They do not step back in the face of adversaries instead they give there best. It does not matter if they have to give their life for the country, they are willing to do so happily. Besides, soldiers also have to be alert at all times. He is never off duty, whether he is sleeping or on the battlefield, he stays vigilant throughout.

Most importantly, a soldier’s duty is to maintain the peace and harmony of the country. He takes on the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment for all. In addition to guarding the border, they are also always there in case of emergencies. They learn how to handle every situation carefully whether it is a terrorist attack or natural calamity. In other words, the local authorities need them to bring the situation under control.

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Challenges Faced by Soldiers

Being a soldier is not easy, in fact, it is one of the most challenging things to do. Their lives are full of hardships and challenges which no ordinary person can survive. Firstly, they spend a great deal of time away from their loved ones. It disturbs them emotionally and they do not even get any holidays. Even in festivals, they are busy safeguarding the nation.

Similarly, soldiers have to undergo rigorous training to become fit to fight battles. It becomes exhausting and physically challenging, but they still go on. To make it worse, they do not even get an adequate amount of supply to lead a normal life. Sometimes, the food rationing is low, the other times they get posted in remote areas without any signal.

Subsequently, they also have to make do in the harshest of weather conditions. It does not matter if it is scorching hot or chilling cold, they have to be out on the battlefield. Similarly, they do not even get enough bulletproof equipment which will keep them safe. Thus, we see what a challenging life our soldiers lead to protect their country.

Some FAQs

Q.1 What are the duties of a soldier?

A.1 A soldier has many duties to perform. He has to work selflessly for the betterment of the country. They ensure that peace and harmony are maintained throughout the nation. Moreover, they also remain vigilant at all times and render help in case of emergency situations.

Q.2 What challenges do soldiers face?

A.2 A soldier has to face a lot of challenges in their lives. They separate from their family and spend most of their time away from them. Further, they undergo hard training to achieve success. Sometimes, they don’t even get enough supplies to make ends meet. Moreover, no matter the weather, they have to survive in rough situations.

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