Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are one of the most awaited times of the year. The school-going children especially look forward to it so they can get a break from their studies and monotonous routine. Mostly, a beach comes to one’s mind when we think of summer vacations. You go out on the beach to have fun and enjoy your day in the water or getting tanned. Similarly, people also visit hilly stations to get a sigh of relief from the hot weather. My plans for this summer vacation are a bit different. As I have mostly gone on trips earlier, this time I want to make the most of my vacations.

essay on my plans for summer vacation


Yoga Classes

When we were discussing as to where to visit this summer vacation, I chimed in to suggest we cut the trip short this year so it will make time for me to pursue my interests. I plan on taking yoga classes this summer vacation. Yoga has been very interesting to me and I have tried my hand at it a number of times. However, as they say, it requires practice and technique, I thought to enroll in classes that will teach me this art form professionally.

There are numerous benefits of yoga which I wish to earn. It is known to increase the concentration power of people. I have a hard time focusing on my studies, so I thought yoga can help me with it. There is an organization that organizes yoga classes every year with participants coming in from all over the state. I have also convinced my friends to take the classes with me so they will be more fun.

In addition, yoga makes a person flexible. As I wish to become a dancer, I need to be thoroughly flexible. Thus, yoga will surely help me achieve my dream. This way I can shoot two birds with one stone. Most importantly, yoga inculcates discipline in a person. I hope these yoga classes will make me a better and improved version of myself. Therefore, I have decided to take up yoga classes for my overall development.

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Dance Classes

As I have mentioned earlier I always wanted to become a dancer. Due to my school and coaching, I never get time to work on my dream. However, this summer vacation I plan to finally work on this dream of mine.

I have already talked to the instructor who will be taking up the dance classes. This way, I will go to my yoga classes in the early morning and dance classes in the evening. Dance classes will help me polish my skills and also help me perform better.

Moreover, I lack confidence in performing on stage. Thus, I need these classes, even more, hoping they will instill confidence in me to perform on stage without any fear. Therefore, this year, I intend to utilize my time to the fullest and learn new things that will help me grow as a person.

FAQs on My Plans for Summer Vacation

Q.1 What do people usually do on summer vacations?

A.1 People usually go on trips with their family to chilly places or beaches. It helps them relax and take their mind off things. Moreover, chilly places give them a break from the scorching heat and humid weather.

Q.2 What can people do on summer vacations instead of traveling?

A.2 There are so many things to do in summer vacations other than traveling. One can take up classes to enhance their personality. Moreover, it is the best time to pursue one’s hobbies so it will be a good utilization of your free time.

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