Essay on Plastic Bag for Students and Children

500 Words Essay on Plastic Bag

Plastic bags are one of the most commonly used things today. It makes our work easier and gives us a lot of conveniences. They have formed an essential part of our lives now. We use them almost every day for various purposes.

Essay on Plastic Bag

The usage is to the extent that we often get angry at the shopkeeper who refuses to offer us the plastic bag. It becomes daunting to carry your own bag every time. The shopkeeper’s refusal is due to the government ban on plastic bags. One often wonders why? Plastic bags make our lives easier but at what cost? They damage our earth and environment. It is high time we all stop using plastic bags.

Stop Using Plastic Bags

There are a number of reasons to say no to plastic bags. We must stop using them to better our environment and save it from degradation. There are various eco-friendly alternatives that can be used to stop the usage of plastic bags.

Firstly, plastic bags are a major source of plastic pollution. As they are non-biodegradable, they take years to decompose. They contribute to a lot of waste which keeps collecting over the years. Plastic takes thousands of years to break down and decompose. It remains in the land which contributes to the rising problem of land pollution.

Similarly, it also causes water pollution. As people throw away the bags carelessly on the roads, in the drains and rivers, they enter the water bodies. They are carried away by winds in them and sometimes dumped into water deliberately. This plastic bag goes deep in the water and also hampers the aquatic life.

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Furthermore, plastic bags contaminate the soil causing hindrance to growth of plants. They seep into the soil after breaking down and remain there causing infertility in soils. The chemical hampers the soil and interferes with agriculture.

Most importantly, plastic causes the death of animals. The animals have no sense of what to eat and what to avoid. The stray animals gulp down plastic bags that get stuck in their bodies. In other words, this causes serious illnesses in their bodies. Sometimes, they choke to death after eating plastic bags.

How to Avoid Plastic Bags?

Though it may be difficult to avoid the plastic bags at first, it needs to be done for the greater good. Plastic is slowly and steadily eating away our planet and damaging it. The government has banned the use of plastic bags but still, people continue to use it despite the ban.

In order to implement these laws strictly, the government must take strict action against the ones using it. Moreover, each of us must come forward to practice this ban and make it successful. We must not buy plastic bags from shopkeepers. Instead, we must refuse to take our groceries in them when the shopkeeper offers us.

Furthermore, we must carry our own cloth or paper bags for shopping. Try to pack your food in steel or aluminum containers instead of plastic ones.

We must encourage children to avoid the use of plastic bags. If we see someone using it, we must call them out immediately. Never throw away the plastic on roads, as animals die after consuming it. We must come together to initiate a ban on plastic and make the world safer and healthier.

FAQs on Plastic Bag

Q.1 Why must we stop using plastic bags?

A.1 We must stop using plastic bags as they cause land pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution. They cause the death of several animals as well.

Q.2 How can one say no to plastic bags?

A.2 It is easy to quit using plastic bags. We must carry our own cloth or paper bags when shopping. Moreover, we must not accept plastic bags from shopkeepers which will discourage them from using them in the first place.

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