Essay on Railway Station

500 Words Essay On  Railway Station

A railway station is a facility that has railway tracks or lines for trains to carry passengers or goods from one place to another. There are different kinds of railways stations, some are above ground while some are underground as well. You will always see interesting sights on railways stations as they are full of life and activities.

railway station

A Typical Day at the Railway Station

A typical day at the railway station is full of exciting activities and sights. You will find the stations crowded with autos, taxis, cars, buses, rickshaws, and more. Similarly, there is a lot of commotion there.

People are present in large crowds there. Some have come to drop off someone while others are waiting for passengers to arrive. The coolies and porters keep eyeing you to carry your luggage for you so they can earn well.

Another interesting sight and sound are that of people quarrelling and bargaining. One of the most relaxing sights is that of the brick and mortar shops selling books and newspapers. You will see people peacefully reading them in a corner.

There are also food stalls, canteens, and street vendors that sell delicious food items and snacks to passengers. They shout out to attract people and sell their items. There are vendors who roam around with their items to sell them.

The waiting rooms, ticketing booths and even restrooms are often crowded at the railway station too. The people sit on the cemented benches or their own suitcases while they wait for the train to arrive.

People sleeping on bed sheets or mats on the floor is not a rare sight. Not just passengers but people who are homeless or poor also sleep at the railway station. As a result, a lot of addicts lurk on empty tracks or isolated corners.

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Main Highlight of a Railway Station

The main highlight has to be when the train is arriving at the railway station. You will see people getting excited and waiting impatiently to board the train. They stand at the platform while waiting for the train to arrive.

On the other hand, the ones who have to deboard the train are eagerly standing at the gates of the train to get down quickly. There is a lot of commotion at this time as the ones who have to board and others who have to deboard, both do it at the same time.

There is no order to let the other one pass first. Thus, chaos and confusion take place at this time. People rush to their seats while the ones exiting want to get down as soon as possible.

There are many pickpockets as well that wait for this time to do their job. Often, people get hurt as well in all this commotion. However, despite all the commotion, it is wholesome to see friends and relatives receive and welcome their loved ones.


To sum it up, the railway station is an interesting place that is bustling with excitement and activities. We get to witness so many wholesome scenes and watch people in a hurry. It is an experience in itself to visit the railway station.

FAQ on Essay on Railway Station

Question 1: What is the importance of a railway station?

Answer 1: The railway stations are important as they are a cheap mode of transport in comparison to other modes of transport. Similarly, they also help you reach the destination in lesser time. The prices are fixed and so are the routes making it easier for passengers.

Question 2: Why is the railway called national transport?

Answer 2: Railways are the national transportation as they have the widest network in India. Moreover, they are also vital for transporting coal, iron, steel, etc.

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